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Daring Aeryn To Love You

Captain Jenek and Nurse pedeconference on the Scarran Dreadnaught. "The signal from her bioloid stopped before our Dreadnaught could locate their Leviathan," Jenek worries. The Nurse wonders how they figured out about the fake Aeryn so quickly; Jenek says he'll find out from Aeryn. He is beautiful. I love Scarrans. The bourgeois ones, not the longnecks. Those are gross-looking. Nurse brings up Aeryn's weird susceptibility to the heat breath, once again, in case you didn't know that's the gun on the mantle, and Jenek's like, "Enough with the heat breath. I don't care if she dies, duh." Nurse asks for an hour to figure it out. "I have an idea how she still might be useful to us." I think there's kindness in this, but who knows. Captain Jenek gives her an hour. She enters Aeryn's cell and dopes her up. Aeryn says she's in no need of sleeping aids, and Nurse just calls it "Orders." Aeryn begs her not to touch her and struggles, Nurse backhands her and gives her the dope. Only it's not in the arm, it's in her abdomen. And it's not going in, it's pulling stuff out. It's an amnio. The jig is up; Nurse would be good to have around if she weren't so bad to have around. Aeryn figures it out and looks accusingly up at her: "What have you done?"

More horrible spinning. John is futzing with the module; some kind of problem with the "fluid drives." They work together, Scorpius flipping switches: "Ironic, wouldn't it be? If we were to die here together?" Not really. In either sense of the word. John calls them "a regular Romeo and Juliet," which is also...not that different from reality. The spinning reminds him of mescal: "You got somethin' like mescal? Drink the drink, eat the worm? I can see you eatin' a whole plateful of worms." Heh. He reconsiders; like I'm so sure Scorpius could handle hallucinogens. "Just for the record. If you'd gotten the information and were able to control wormholes, what would you have done with it?" Scorpius "jokes": "Taken over as much of the Universe as possible, found your home planet, and destroyed it." John's like, "Party foul!" and Scorpius admits it's not funny. "No, I would use the wormholes as a deterrent against any future Scarran attack." As he's said like a million times before. They strap themselves in and soon enough they're back in the wormhole complex. "Left. Again. Gotta go." They twist and turn and explode out into space again. A Leviathan hangs before them in the sky. "Is that the Moya we're looking for?" "Better be! My head's ringing like a fire-bell."

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