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Daring Aeryn To Love You

Nurse appears. "Whose child is it? Captain Jenek will force it from you. He believes that if he can find the human's child, the Scarrans will reward him. Right now, he's dreaming of palaces and virgins." Nice. Aeryn says she's happy for him. "I warn you: he won't kill you. But unless you tell him what he wants, he'll make you wish you were dead." Aeryn breathes out, slow: "I have dozens of embryos inside me. I recreated with...so many people." Nurse knows better. "No. Just one." Aeryn makes a joke so meta it'll do your dishes for you: "No, really. 'PK Trelk Girl,' that's what they used to call me." Nurse warns her to talk to the others, the women prisoners: "They'll tell you. We can keep you drugged and asleep, or we can make things...hard and ugly. Worse than you can imagine." The lights dim as she leaves. Aeryn shakes.

Time is crazy on weirdo Moya: ripples and shakes and double-vision. "Every wormhole has millions of exits to different times and places, which are complete and unending," John explains. "So in this reality everyone on Moya has become someone they weren't before?" John compares it to putting them into a blender, but there's more to it than that. "Why?" Because it's sad! "With these wormholes, anything is possible. Somewhere the Cubs are winning the World Series. Don't ask." The ship shakes: "Better hurry. We got an arn before Crais overruns this place and slaughters everybody." In the galley, Stark (played by Sikozu) is making something; Rygel (played by Noranti) is shoving food into his mouth. Scorpius is like, "The fuck?" John nods. "It's a weird universe. I didn't invent it." You'd be surprised.

Morrock explains what this room is about, where they've got Aeryn now. "Genetic incubation. They find something interesting about us, see if they can produce an offspring they can use. They've bred me six times; three of them died before term. Three of them...I don't know where they are." So what's interesting about Morrock? "The organic food on my planet grows a metal skin. I can dissolve it with saliva." But not the spikes around their arms, of course: "Only thin metal." Morrock explains that's why the breeding: "To see if the little gnink in here can destroy weapons grade metal." Aeryn's suspicious, because that's how she rolls: "And you just happen to be awake right now to talk to me?" Nope, she palms -- even though their arms are stretched out and locked in; I assume they unlock their hands for meals -- the sleeping pills. She shows her, in her palm. "I've saved up enough so I can kill myself whenever I want," she whispers; Aeryn smiles sadly and turns away. "You don't believe a word I'm saying. You think I'm working for that bitch nurse! They don't need me to control you. You can't beat them. They travel us around on frelled-up freighters like this and no one ever knows exactly where we are." Tears run down Aeryn's face. "No one can save us, and we can't escape. I know. I've tried for cycles...then I gave up. But I see you still think someone's coming." Close-up on Aeryn thinking, "Do you do birthday parties?" "You should talk to me. In here, talk's all you've got." Also suicide. Aeryn looks away, working her injured jaw. Staring up.

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