Season Of Death

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"Can I Get A 'Hell, Yeah'?"

They're not even looking at each other. Aeryn chokes out, "I shouldn't be here." "This is exactly where you should be," Crichton replies hoarsely. The woodwind sobs, and then Crichton adds, "I love you." The camera swings over to Aeryn's face, which is a mix of relief and sorrow. She tells him she loves him too. Crichton walks over and then we get a totally hot space clinch. Music swells, spit gets swapped, it's all very passionate, and right as Crichton rounds first base and sprints to second, Aeryn breaks the news: "We will not act on." Crichton's like, "Are you mad, woman?" and she continues, "My Peacekeeper training was right about one thing: soliders and emotional attachments in battle may distort your thinking." Crichton points out they're not in battle. She replies, "What happens when Moya comes into contact with more Scarrans, or Nebari, or Sheyangs or something worse?" This is...this is like the space equivalent of " I'm no good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that." And Crichton is all "I really prefer The English Patient where the two romantic leads decide that as a matter of fact, their problems do matter more than anything else going on during World War II. Seriously. Can we get back to the making out.? I liked that part."

With finality, with reluctance, Aeryn tells him she won't let her love life be the root cause of any more deaths. The blood has finally returned to Crichton's brain, and he asks, "What do you mean, anyone else?"

Cut to Stark cuddling Zhaan. She calmly greets a devastated-looking Crichton, and he says awkwardly, "Aeryn just told me that, ah, whatever you did to bring her back...it took everything you had." Zhaan smiles and nods. Crichton looks rocked, but quickly asks, "Is there anything we can do to help?" Nope. Looking wrecked, Crichton says, "I will not accept that." Zhaan ends the episode by telling him, "I have, John. I'm dying."

See? See what I mean about the patented Farscape Feel Bad Episode Ender? I defy anyone to sit through this episode without feeling drained afterward. And yet, we'll all be hurtling through the rest of season three, 'cause it hurts so good.

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