Season Of Death

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"Can I Get A 'Hell, Yeah'?"

We then cut to one of the funniest visuals of the episode: Rygel giving mouth-to-mouth to Tokut the surgeon. Zhaan comes sprinting in, the rest of Team Moya behind her. You can tell it's cold because she's sporting a Stevie Nicks-style sweater-coat and head scarf. Stark is wearing a coat made from the pelts of insubordinate Muppets. Zhaan tells him to keep trying, and he sasses back, "You try!" A stricken D'Argo's rushed over to cradle Crichton. Stark is wandering around with his one good eye bugged out in horror at whatever, and as Rygel finishes his fit of pique with "Enough is enough! It's just not working!"...Tokut comes to with a gasping cough. He gasps out, "Scor- Scorpius." D'Argo's look of dread is also mixed with grim resolution.

Cut to renegade metrosexual Crais. He's busy musing, "The command carrier couldn't have arrived without our knowing. Scorpius must have come in a prowler or a marauder on a stealth trajectory." Zhaan wants to know if the big baddie is still around and Crais says, "Possibly. If so, reinforcements may follow." I'll say this for the PK crew: they know how to break bad news with style.

We then see Scorpius working out the bugs with his new puppet Greenschlick. Braca looks on, all "Are you sure you want to touch his mind? You don't know where that thing's been." He does not cheer up after Scorpius forces Greenschlick to shoot himself in the arm.

D'Argo finds the wounded Greenschlick. He groans that Scorpius shot him and took the chip a few arns ago, but he's gone now. D'Argo asks, "Are you sure he's gone?' "Long gone," Greenschlick says. One wonders how Scorpius avoids giggling after saying that. Oh, wait -- there's a shot of him giggling now.

Back in Crichton's operating theatre, Stark decides to open a dialogue on bioethics, but Greenschlick refuses to play along, pointing out that no donor (i.e. people-sicles), no operation. Stark rebuts that Crichton didn't want an operation if it requires a donor, and Greenschlick inexplicably points out that nobody's been harmed, and the doctor was only borrowing some cerebral-spinal fluid to "top up" Crichton's. D'Argo irritably asks how the donors can be harmed if they're dead, and Zhaan smarts off that they're not dead, they're mostly dead. Greenschlick says, "They're effectively dead because they can't be restored and live." Stark gets all bleeding-heart with "They're trapped between two realms! Lost --" He takes a breath so he can work up into a right wobbler, but D'Argo puts a stop to that. Who's the daddy? D'Argo's the daddy!

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