Season Of Death

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"Can I Get A 'Hell, Yeah'?"

After things calm down a little, Zhaan reminds everyone that it's not like she was planning on murdering an unwilling guy. D'Argo barks, "We have already lost Aeryn! We're not losing another." Stark testily inquires as to why the Scorpius clone is still in Crichton's mind, and the doc shrugs all, "Feel free to take it up with your benefits provider...sucker." The explanation Greenschlick gives is that there must have been some kind of neural bleed -- the clone's personality has been in there so long, its consciousness has merged with Crichton's. Then Scorpius exclaims to himself, "How interesting..." Unfortunately, he does it aloud so it appears to be Greenschlick saying that. Creepy!

D'Argo peremptorily orders, "Just remove it!" and the doctor says something like, "Did you spend 5000 arns in medical school? No? Then don't be telling me my business, Doctor D'Argo." Greenschlick explains that the whole point to something merging is that it can't be easily sliced out. Zhaan climbs back on the "Kill Crichton" bandwagon and Greenschlick gives it a hearty push. D'Argo's had enough: "All right, you two! Get out." Greenschlick goes to protest, and D'Argo emphasizes, "Get out! And do not come back into this chamber." Stark watches them go with a foreboding look that mothers of toddlers with separation anxiety will recognize, then attempts to 'nad up and help D'Argo.

D'Argo doesn't really need the help. He strides over to the doctor and barks, "You! Restore his speech!" The doctor flutes that Crichton was adamant about not doing any harm to any donors. Stark then flips out -- I should just program that phrase as a macro in Word right now, shouldn't I? -- and claims, "You're the ones harming the donors! Their souls are crying out, screaming in pain." Why? Because they were committed members of an anti-hysterics sect, and you've come along to taunt them in their slumbers? Anyway, Stark decides to demonstrate the difference between "mostly dead" and "all dead" by busting open one of the sarcophagi and liberating its inhabitant. The dude falls out, emits a long, agonized wail, and dies. Crichton's peeved: "Wabble frangitz blah!" Stark assures him that this kills two birds with one stone. The dead dude is liberated from his pain, and there's now enough donor tissue to operate on Crichton. D'Argo, who has been watching all this, is like, "Okay, doctor. Hop to!" Crichton mutters, "Mussle frussle" and D'Argo snaps, "As for you, do not make me tongue you." I...I can't even type out the joke I had here without blushing. Just suffice it to say that the word "Chiana" is in the punchline.

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