Taking the Stone

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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Up on the surface, Aeryn and Crichton wait by the Prowler. "It's been three arns," Aeryn reports. Crichton tells her to keep her pants on. We see the life disk placed in a small, shallow pit and then Chiana's hands cover it up with stones and gravel. Crichton asks Aeryn if he seems crazy to her lately. "What do you mean 'lately'?" Aeryn wants to know. Crichton says he ate one of Molnon's mushrooms and shrugs, "One outta four will get you dead." "Was that supposed to get Chiana out of here more quickly, John? You eating a mushroom?" Aeryn asks, smiling knowingly. It worked for Alice. Sort of. There's a Hynerian grunt and a clatter, as Rygel dumps his booty and fiddles over it. Aeryn tells him they're leaving in ninety minutes, with or without him. Rygel growls that he's going as fast as he can, and shoves the treasure back in a pit. Crichton walks over and kneels next to Chiana, who greets him, "Hey, Old Man." "Hey, Little Girl," he returns, a hand on her shoulder, "you okay?" Chiana says she is and adds that Molnon was right about one thing, the jump was incredible: "You should've tried it." "Nah," Crichton says, "I'm too old." Chiana covers her brother's grave with both hands. Crichton gently tells her that it's time to go and helps her to her feet. They look out over the grave-ridden planet, and Chiana suggests, "Let's get out of this dead place." And I forgot this part -- Crichton Peter Cotton-Tails! EW! EW! EW! Chiana, of course, follows suit, and I swear to GOD, if they ever get D'Argo to do it, I'm leaving.

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