Taking the Stone

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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Up above, Crichton duhs, "What the --" "Frell," Aeryn finishes for him. "It's a sonic net." Which is a net sustained by their voices. Of course. Peacekeepers use them in aerial combat training; the sound cushions your fall. Pressing his forehead against the lilac-haired Stoner's, Das says, "I'm ready." The hum continues. Das takes a deep breath and convulsively Peter Cotton-Tails. He adds his voice to the hum, but it's shaky and uncertain. He falls and looks down in fear. Faster and faster. The hum stops. Das closes his eyes. And smashes on the ground. The smile on Aeryn's face disappears. "Like I said," Crichton says, straightening back up. "Frell," Aeryn supplies for him. Okay, but isn't it the Stoners' fault for stopping the hum? Molnon doesn't seem to be too bothered by this turn of events. "Das," he begins, "takes The Stone." Peter Cotton-Tails galore. Chiana skitters to the edge of the pit and looks down, twitching her damn neck this way and that. "Drad," she breathes, "I gotta do that."

Later, Chiana faces the same? another? lilac-haired Stoner. This one appears to be pregnant. She Peter Cotton-Tails ceremonially several times over Chiana. Aeryn, her hip cocked, watches and looks annoyed. Crichton pulls her away but calls over to Chiana. Aeryn advises him to leave her alone. Nothing doing; Crichton decides they need to sober Chiana up. Aeryn stops him again, telling him the life disk belonged to Chiana's brother. "Then he's dead?" Crichton asks. "Yes," Aeryn confirms, "I think that's why she likes it down here. She's trying to prove that she's still alive." Pinching yourself could do that too. Go ahead, try it. Did it hurt? Good, you're alive. Of course, reading this recap also proves you're alive, so there's another suggestion. Crichton doesn't need Aeryn's Dr. Phil-osophizing. Aeryn points out that if Crichton forces Chiana to leave with them, she'll stay just to spite him. "No, she won't," Crichton tells her. Aeryn leaves. Crichton watches Chiana a bit longer, a smile on his face. He throws up a hand and says, "Later!" to no one in particular.

Elsewhere and also later, Chiana morbidly wants to know what they're going to do with Das's body. "Soak the skin and harden the bones and Das can be buried in the Gathering dome," Molnon tells her, and smiles. Chiana points out that his best friend just died. Edging around a body (?) to get to Chiana in some sort of grisly chase-around-a-desk, Molnon explains that they all die; she's just afraid of it. The way the Stoners live, they do what they want and then they commit suicide by Taking the Stone. Oh, so that was suicide? What about the four others who bounced? Were they Das's pallbearers or something? Chiana twitches closer to Molnon and he pushes her against a wall, breathing hard. He asks her to stay with them to "celebrate the Stone." "It's the second draddest time," Molnon promises. "Oh?" Chiana asks coyly. "And what's the draddest?" Molnon strikes with a kiss. I do need a drink. They make out loudly and smackily. Yep, definitely getting a passion fruit beer now. Crichton can hear all of this because he was eavesdropping, and he walks off.

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