Terra Firma

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The lights flicker, more electrical danger happening, and Aeryn still on the floor surrounded by glass. John comes out with Winona in both hands, looking around for the Skreeth. All the lightbulbs are flashing and popping. It's very creepy. John cases the scene and the Skreeth suddenly appears behind him. Winona discharges, hitting the ceiling, and they fall off the balcony back to the first floor, under a giant chandelier. Winona goes skidding across the foyer. John tries to get his breath back; Aeryn opens her eyes to see the Skreeth looming over him, hand on his throat. Aeryn grabs Winona (whoa) and shouts a warning to John -- "Clear!" -- before shooting the chandelier down. John rolls away, and it gets the creature but good.

Braca screams, staggering; Grayza grabs his hands and watches him scream and sink to the floor.

John gets to his knees, watching the Skreeth gasp and spaz out. Aeryn helps him up, and they take deep breaths, looking at each other. They turn to the innocents: John to Jack and Aeryn to Olivia. They're battered but okay. As they all agree that they have no idea what just happened, the loud roar of Lo'La approaches outside. Everybody gasps and Aeryn spots her outside the French doors, palm trees all tattered and everything rushing back and forth like a storm. Olivia screams again: the Skreeth is back up. D'Argo targets her and takes her out with an enormous shot of blue science. The glass shatters and then the Skreeth shatters. After all the questions and yearning, this is what happens when John comes home. It's not his home anymore. This house is his old life. The Skreeth's death blows out the front door, scattering debris all over everybody.

Braca screams, face covered it spittle. Grayza crouches, he holds his head in agony. "What is it? Tell me what's wrong!" He can't; he collapses.

When the explosions calm down, John looks around. Aeryn and Olivia anxiously rise. "Well. Merry frelling Christmas," Aeryn says, and John nods. "Amen."

Grayza moves fast! She lies down beside Braca, unzipping her uniform for a quick Heppa hit, waking him. She's removed the Skreeth tool from his forehead. He leans back and gasps, seeing her above him. "Ma'am!" She assures him it was "the best ever," and that he continues to amaze her. Then, Grayza is awesome. "I'm glad I could be of service," he stammers, and she smiles down at him archly. He backtracks. "I mean, I'm pleased I could satisfy..." oh, the smile at this one. She looks away, grinning secretively. It's so awesome. He sighs, outmanned. "Will that be all?" She breathes, queen bee of all time: "Yes...for now." He groans, runs off with his uniform held closed with one tight hand. She watches him go, delighting in his discomfort and perceived inadequacy -- I love this scene so much, she rocks it -- but once he's gone, she sighs, exhausted. What the fuck now?

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