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Last Tanga In The Paris Commune

D'Argo has gone absolutely nuts. John's actually hiding up in the ceiling as D'Argo stomps and shouts and acts crazy, hunting him. He punches a DRD in the face, that's how mad he is, and the camera goes staticky for a sec. So, like, John and D's little "I'm so horny!" "God, me too!" "Let's be best friends!" "Yes, because we are so horny!" thing last week, I guess that really worked out all the issues. Or started new ones.

Three days later. Aeryn, John, Rygel, and Zhaan are all klatched around the table in command, watching a tiny little recorded hologram D'Argo run around the ship shouting for John's blood. Man, this is a good beginning to a very variable episode. Rygel: "You're dead!" John marvels about how D'Argo's been like this for three whole days. "He still can't be freaking like that." Aeryn explains to us that we're seeing "Luxan hyper-rage -- it doesn't just go away." Zhaan congratulates John for hiding as well as he did, and Aeryn notes that they looked for him for three days to tell him D'Argo was off the ship. "You hide very well. You must have had a lot of practice." Rygel laughs at this, and John tells him to cram it. "It comes natural, especially when you got that chasing you." His accent, even after three days, signals major wigged. "Why the hell is he raging after me, anyway?" Zhaan explains that it's because John is another male, and John asks why, then, he wasn't going after Rygel. "Spanky here is male [happy grunt]...I think [sad grunt]." Rygel harrumphs and says D'Argo knows better than to fuck with him. Aeryn tells John that D'Argo took her Prowler down to a planet, and Zhaan hopes "the rage has had time to dissipate." "Or" -- and I think that John's got his finger on this better than she -- "he's killed something." Rygel smiles gleefully at the thought.

As hilarious as gay panic is, I think this has more to do with seeing that pseudo-Luxan (and that pseudo-pseudo-Luxan) last week. I think it's analogous to the discomfort Aeryn feels about Urp -- almost right, not exactly right, you're maybe willing to split the difference, and then it turns on you, horribly. Bites you hard. For somebody who is a born warrior, a pack hunter, to be exiled from not one, but two races, and then spend a bunch of time in jail, and finally brush up against a jacked-up kind of fulfillment -- only to have it taken away viciously again -- that's gotta hurt. And John kind of stuck his face on that loneliness last week. I wonder if Scorvians look like Sebaceans. I bet they do. Or maybe this is just to make up for the fact that the women got all bitchy last week -- it's the other side of that "girls only fight over men" coin, and if anything it's more damaging, this idea that sometimes men just get violent and sometimes men just want a beer and a blow job or they might get violent.

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