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A Kiss Before Dying

The two of them are back in Command as Pilot reports that a portion of the offspring can't get clear of Moya's external vent. He gets a closer visual, which he makes available to Chiana and Rygel, and they're all horrified, as the child ship is covered in weapons. It's going to be no mean feat to get this kid to eat his vegetables.

We return to another shot of the small ship. Back on Command, Pilot explains via Clamshell Cam that when D'Argo broke the contraception wall half a cycle earlier, the Peacekeeper catalyst he released must have contained a DNA signature that resulted in the production of weapons. He adds that the child may grow to be bigger than Moya, and he doesn't know who will control him -- Moya or the Peacekeepers. However, there's a more pressing problem -- Moya's birthing channel wasn't designed for this manner of offspring, so it's stuck, and panicking and starting to charge its way forward. The upshot is he may try to blast his way out of Moya. (Makes you wonder if that was the Peacekeepers' plan all along, doesn't it?) Chiana, once again stepping up, asks Pilot if he can force an atmosphere she can breathe into the vent, and the answer is yes, so she offers to climb down the internal shaft and "cut a seam" so the child can get itself free. I know we're in a hurry here, but I still think Moya would appreciate it if you stick to the old "measure twice, cut once" bit of wisdom. Chiana takes off.

Crichton and Aeryn reach the surface, and D'Argo tells Crichton it's good too see him again. Stark and Zhaan are there as well, and I can only imagine the awkward conversation that must have occurred when the Phantom of the Gammak Base arrived up top. They move, but when we shift to a quick aerial view, we hear Peacekeeper voices nearby. The two groups are engaged in a firefight soon enough. It seems kind of lucky or overly convenient that our heroes even have a weapon for Stark, but we'll overlook that. Also, the Peace-troopers have the stereotypically poor aim of anyone involved in a shoot-out with the main stars of any entertainment vehicle. We'll overlook that as well. Stark and Crichton have been thrown together, and during a pause, Stark asks what Crichton was hiding from the chair. Crichton says it was just about the time he kissed a girl. The two of them giggle into taking a few shots.

Chiana has reached the child, and tries to figure out her course of action.

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