The Hidden Memory

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A Kiss Before Dying

Crichton's lying on the floor of his cell, shivering and barely conscious, as The Music Of Help From Unlikely Places, or Stark's Theme Music (shorter and therefore preferable) plays. We hear a metallic clicking, and Crichton opens his eyes. Seeing Stark at the door with his back to him, he asks what he's doing. I'd be wary of asking that question in this situation, but I did recap quite a few episodes of Oz. Stark gets all squirrelly about how there's no talking to him, and how he does all his talking in the Chair. We see Stark put something he was holding into an opening in the floor, an action not missed by Crichton, who crawls over and asks if Stark is there to spy on him for "Scorpy." If Crichton already feels close enough to Scorpius to call him by this diminutive nickname, I can hardly wait to hear how he's referring to him by the time Season Three rolls around. Crichton tries to grab the thing Stark was holding, but Stark tosses him away. They size each other up like two lovers who just had their first fight, and I just won't say anything more about that, and then Crichton opines, "You're not crazy." Stark drops the manic act and says that's true, but "if they think I am, they don't bother me so much." I hate to point this out, Stark, but by your own imminent admission, you've been in the chair over a hundred times. If nothing else, that seems like a "bother" inasmuch as the experience must be getting awfully humdrum. Crichton asks what he's hiding, and a tear incongruously slides down Stark's cheek as he smiles, "My baby." He rushes over to Crichton and shows him a device he calls a "magnetic crypt encoder," which he fashioned from scraps of metal he's been collecting for two cycles. Good news: If he gets the sequence right, it will unlock the door. Bad news: It can only try one sequence at a time. I have no idea how many digits or characters are in the code, but from Crichton's incredulous dismissal of the gadget, I'm guessing it's a lot. Still, as our states are fond of telling poor people about the lottery: You gotta be in it to win it. Stark is unbowed, and goes over to the door, but rushes back and asks Crichton: "You'll tell them about my baby, won't you?" Crichton says no; he's kept things from them thus far, and he can keep this. Stark informs him that everyone can block thoughts for a time, but he will eventually cave. "I'm the only one who can block thoughts forever." I suppose that's only fair, given how long it's going to take that magnetic gizmo to work. Crichton asks how many times Stark's been in the chair, and when Stark tells him the over-one-hundred number to which I alluded above, he shudders involuntarily. He asks again what Stark is hiding, but Stark turns the question around, so Crichton tells him that what he's blocking has nothing to do with wormholes. Odd place to cut out of the scene, given that we already knew that.

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