The Hidden Memory

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A Kiss Before Dying

A transport leaves Moya. On board, Aeryn tries to steady her shaking right hand. Zhaan notices and asks if she's okay, but Aeryn brushes off her concern and asks D'Argo if there's any sign they've been spotted. D'Argo tells her that the scanning blind Gilina created seems to be holding. Since Scorpius was made aware at least of the existence of the blind at the end of the last episode, this seems off to me, but I suppose Scorpius has been a little distracted, with Crais clomping around like a great paunchy ponytailed bull. Aeryn tells Zhaan that there won't be any sensors on top, as they'd give away the existence of the base. Okay, we'll go with that. They land.

Gilina's voice cuts into Crichton's cell. Stark gets all wiggy, but Crichton tells him to shut up, and turns to the camera. Gilina has to remind him to turn around again, and his forgetfulness is certainly understandable. Gilina updates him on what she knows, which is that Chiana got off the base, and Crichton, in obvious pain, tells her he needs her to keep them "off his back" for a while. Personally, I don't think we've seen nearly enough of Crichton on his back, but Gilina surprisingly doesn't share my opinion as she says she'll think of something. She tells him not to worry, but after she signs off, she looks plenty concerned herself.

Moya. As the ship shakes, Rygel and Chiana are trying to research something, presumably pregnancy procedures, as Pilot tells them Moya thinks getting the offspring out as quickly as possible would be advisable. I keep saying this, but: If she only knew. Pilot suggests some technobabbly solution, and Rygel co-signs it, and then exposits that while he's conceived hundreds of progeny both official and illegitimate, he wasn't present at any of the births. He does note that their current situation is a little bit different: "My progeny were tiny. Tiny and handsome. Like their father." Moya's rumblings intensify, and if she heard that little speech from Rygel, I can hardly blame her.

A bunch of techs are working on the Aurora Chair as Niem snaps that Scorpius wants maximum power, now. I don't know if this little maintenance session is serendipitous or if Gilina did something to create the illusion that it was necessary, but either way, here she is, crawling into a little area underneath the chair and offering to give a male tech, already working away, a hand. She suggests he take care of something outside the tight space, and he agrees, as she's got the superior knowledge. Not that he should feel bad about that, considering she's turning out to be the interstellar version of MacGyver. Once the male tech is gone and she's judged that the coast is clear, she removes one of many cylindrical cartridges embedded in the ceiling of the small space and switches it out for one she brought with her. She hides the original one in her jumpsuit as the lead technician calls that the calibration is complete, just as Scorpius and Crais enter the room. Gilina emerges from underneath the chair at that moment, and for a second I was worried that Crais would recognize her, but I suppose it's in character that he wouldn't. Scorpius and Crais lead a party to go retrieve Crichton, and Gilina takes the opportunity to get the hell out of there...

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