The Hidden Memory

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A Kiss Before Dying

...but her chores aren't done, as we cut to her back in the alcove from which she's been doing most of her work. Breathless, she patches back in and calls to Crichton. He tells her there's company at the door, and the scene becomes nail-biting as she instructs him, when he gets into the chair, not to block the memory of their kiss on the Zelbinion. Crichton recoils, as that's the one thing he's been hiding, but she urgently tells him to trust her. Stark runs interference at the door, buying them a couple more seconds for her to reiterate her command, but then Crais gut-punches him a couple of times and tosses him aside like a rag doll. Officially? Reprehensible. Unofficially? Re-wind. Scorpius enters and, deliciously deliberately, asks Crais, "Have you finished?" The answer is yes, and Scorpius conversationally tells Crichton, "This is what I'm trying to keep you from!" Hee. Two Peace-troopers haul Crichton to his feet, and Scorpius tells him that if he stops blocking the chair, he won't torture him anymore. Crichton denies blocking anything, though, so after some conversation that feels slightly like rather tasty filler, Scorpius instructs his minions to bring Crichton.

Chair. After a few warm-up memories, we see Crichton's whole intimate interaction with Gilina in "PK Tech Girl." We focus in on them making out, with Gilina's back to us. But then things change: Crais appears, and tells Crichton he's glad he's enjoying his stay with "[them]." Gilina turns -- but it's not her; it's a different blonde woman in a tech uniform. Crais calls a halt as Crichton sniggers and Scorpius and Niem are like, "Awkward." And when you've got the king and queen of bondage outfits saying that, it's a socially embarrassing situation indeed. Niem resumes the extraction of the false memory, and therein, Crais thanks Crichton. He explains a truckload of information we know to be true from the Maldis episode -- he was a conscript, and even though he rose through Peacekeeper ranks on "wits and hatred," some doors were always closed to him. (That speech is going by so fast I couldn't even pause to make a "half right" comment.) Crais finishes up by producing a chip and intoning, "With this wormhole information you've given me, I now have the power to rise where I should be." Aptly put -- up shit's creek is both where you're going and where you belong. Crais, starting to panic, says that Crichton made that up, but Scorpius evenly says that that's impossible. Crais tries punching Crichton, earning him another delectably contemptuous look from Scorpius, and then Crichton, his brain catching up, asks Crais if the game is up. He tells Scorpius that Crais learned of the existence of wormholes when Crichton arrived from his galaxy. "I gave him the information disk in exchange for my life." Of course, were this true, the flaw is that I don't think Crais would have stuck to the agreement and let Crichton live. He may be many things, but apart from the midsection, he's not soft. Crais chokes Crichton into the commercial break.

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