The Hidden Memory

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A Kiss Before Dying

We return with Crais, by hook or by crook, off Crichton's neck. Crichton is still in the chair, and Crais, two of his crew, Niem, and Scorpius are standing before him as Scorpius asks if Crais is contending that nothing they saw in Crichton's mind was true. Crais claims that is the case, but is then forced to admit that the information about his background was accurate. He suggests Crichton stole it from a database, and when Scorpius points out that that would have been a neat trick to pull off from his cell, Crais snaps that he doesn't know how he did it, but the alleged conspiracy still isn't the truth. Scorpius: "Of course it's not." Crais's heart rate: dropping. "But there's only one way to be sure it is a lie." Crais's heart rate: rising. This is a new way to do interval training. Scorpius says that Crais will have to go in the chair. Crais: "No Captain has ever been subjected to such an indignity." Scorpius blithely replies that there's always a first for everything. Unfortunate for Crais that Scorpius's very existence predisposed him to believe that bit of pithy wisdom. Scorpius orders Crichton to be brought back to his cell, and then Crais tells Scorpius he hasn't "got the numbers" to put him in the chair. Scorpius goes tactical, telling Crais's minions that he commends their loyalty. "It must be difficult to maintain for an officer like Crais." Hee. He goes on that his authority on a Gammak base is unconditional, and Crais will go to the chair. Even the psycho Don Quixote of this galaxy knows that this battle is lost. I hope they at least pull his hair back in case he vomits.

Atop the base, in what looks like the ruins of a village, D'Argo returns to Zhaan and asks, "What are you doing with those explosives?" Not the first time she's heard that, I'll bet. Proving my point, she says she's "upgrading these primitive things." Aeryn appears and says she's found an access shaft, so she should be able to get down to the base and search for Crichton...

...and we cut to her reaching down to open it. Her hand shakes, and she grabs it with the other and tells it to stop. Seriously, hand. That's a good way to lose...yourself. She opens it and rushes down many, many levels to the bottom. Warily, she exits the stairs and moves down an unpopulated corridor.

Cell. Crichton is happily, if on the verge of crazily, telling Stark, who's sitting right next to him, about Gilina's exploits. Stark tells him to rest. Crichton shakily says he's got to get the door open, but when he tries to move, he collapses into Stark's lap. Stark touches him tenderly, and then removes his mask to reveal a bright light shining out of the entire area that the mask covered. Crichton looks at it in wonder, and asks what Stark just showed him. Stark: "I'm able to give a few thoughts, that's all." Not to ruin the moment, but if you're a need-based donor, you've come to the right place. A tear streams down Crichton's cheek in some nice symmetry, and Stark strokes Crichton's hair in a way that just will break your heart. Crichton, calmer now, asks Stark how long he's been there, and the answer is two cycles. He goes on that the Peacekeepers killed most of his people, but they kept him alive because he interests them. "I'm able to hide thoughts that their chair can't touch. It's almost ironic -- what made me a slave now keeps me alive." Crichton asks for clarification, and Stark points to his mask as the thing that caused his slavery. "I'm of the Banik slave race. Outsiders think that we do not feel, but it's only that our feelings don't always show." So the WASPs have their own planet in this galaxy. He goes on that just as the mask can hide their feelings, they're able to cloud thoughts from their minds. "What I know deep inside, Peacekeepers will never see."

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