The Hidden Memory

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A Kiss Before Dying

Somehow, Aeryn has duped Heskon into taking her to Crichton's cell with a story about an unauthorized magnetic pulse, which she says she detected from Crais's ship. In reality, I'm not sure if Gilina was listening when Stark told Crichton about it, or if she scanned it herself, or what. I'm not going to dwell on it, though, because thanks to that stupid paraphoral nerve, it's been far too long since Aeryn's gotten to kick some ass. Anyway, Heskon detects Stark's gizmo, he and Aeryn go inside, and Heskon tosses Stark aside to get to the thing. Stark, apparently not in on the plan, freaks shit on Crichton, but before things can get out of hand, Aeryn knocks Heskon out with her rifle. YES! Stark is befuddled, and asks, "How many Peacekeepers do you know on this base?" Hee. Crichton and Aeryn exchange a nice moment (Aeryn says she's "better now," how cute is that) and then the three of them are out of there.

Scorpius finally gets to Crais's hidden memory: his murder of Lieutenant Teeg. Scorpius languidly notes that that's why Crais was fighting so hard, but the bad news is that all barriers are now broken, meaning that the scene between Crais and Crichton was in fact a fabrication. Just then, alarms go off, and Scorpius is informed that Crichton has escaped, aided by a Peacekeeper. Scorpius orders the base to be sealed. "He must not reach the surface."

Gilina has joined Aeryn, Stark, and Crichton, and the four of them are running for the stairs to the surface. Aeryn sends Stark in, but then Gilina sees Niem and some Peacekeepers coming for them, so Aeryn tells Stark to go, and the three of them run off in another direction. It's a little confusing here, because it's not made obvious that they were actually seen, so aborting their escape wasn't clearly necessary. But let's just blame the editing and move on. Gilina leads Aeryn and Crichton to a grate in the floor, which they remove. They hide in the space below and replace the grate just ahead of Niem catching up to their position. Flummoxed, she tells her men to keep searching. She lingers for a moment, standing right on top of them, but then leaves. This doesn't say much for her species' sense of smell, because I'd wager Crichton is in dire need of a shower.

Moya. Pilot gives Rygel and Chiana the unfortunate news that in order to give birth, Moya must create a vacuum in her interior, and it's going to happen in only eighteen microts. He invites them to his den, but Chiana grits that they can't reach him in that amount of time. Pilot then points them to pressure tanks in Maintenance Bay Six. "I suggest you go. Go now!" When Pilot isn't mincing words, it's probably best to obey. Cut to Chiana making it to the bay, only to find that the first pressure tank she tries is locked. Rygel pops out from the other one with a skeevy smile and says there's plenty of room in that one. If another tiny handsome progeny is the result of this development, I really don't want to know about it. Chiana is not thrilled, to say the least, but she climbs in and shuts the door.

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