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A Kiss Before Dying

Gilina is just returning from doing a little recon, and she reports that the Peacekeepers are sealing all the access shafts. "It means they're shutting down everything." To move anywhere in the base, they'll need an ident chip from a senior officer. Crichton starts to move to "go bag a senior officer," but Aeryn informs him she'll be the one handling that errand. She checks to make sure the coast is clear and heads off.

In the Tank of Chiana's Discontent, the following exchange: "What is that?" "What?" "That." I'll let you figure who said what. Chiana moves to a less hands-on position vis-à-vis Rygel, and asks Pilot how Moya is. Pilot says he can see the baby coming, and signs off just as Rygel cuts one. And I get to recap another round of Happy Helium Fun Times, the highlight of which is Chiana chirping, "You're disgusting!" But hilarious. Moya lurches at that moment, and we get a look at the baby inside her. I'm sure you won't feel too spoiled if I tell you that Pilot's report of it being abnormal seems not to be wrong.

Oh, man, this is the best scene, and it's been a long time coming. Aeryn warily enters the Aurora Chamber and sees Crais still in the chair. She huskily says his name, but he can't swivel his head to look at her, and he doesn't recognize her voice. She sees the image of Crais killing Teeg still on the monitor, and when she calls him on it, he asks who she is. Aeryn: "I am irreversibly contaminated." Crais, you might not have thought it possible, but your day is about to get worse. Aeryn moves to stand in front of him, and he rumbles her name. She gets in his face, and he, appallingly, reminds her of the blood oath she took to obey her commanding officer. She emotionally tells him that the oath no longer has any meaning for her, as he destroyed everything she had. "Do you know what I learned while I was away from you? Everything I lost isn't worth a damn, and I don't want to go back to your past." "Good for her" doesn't even begin to cover it, but I'll say it anyway. She rips off his ident chip and says he will never order her again, so he threatens her: "I will track you down and kill you, Officer Sun." Because he's been doing a bang-up job with the hunting down so far this series. She tells him that she's giving him something: his life. And it did take me a second to realize her meaning, but it's clear as she heads for the control panel: "I will make you watch your life." She flips every switch on the panel, and Crais cries out in agony. We then see Aeryn outside the room, impassively making her escape, as Crais's repeated screams echo down the corridor. Awesome.

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