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It seems appropriate to start this off with a little time-travel of our own, so let's return to the year 2000. As I mentioned, I re-started watching the show. Early on, I showed "Look at the Princess" to my friend Katie, and she started watching the show. In August, I went to Vegas for a weekend of awesomeness, and when I came back, I realized that there'd been a thunderstorm or something, resetting my VCR so that Farscape wasn't recorded for me. I called Katie to share my woe, and she said, "Actually, I think that was a good one to miss." Guess which episode it was? Yeah. Six years later, I've still never managed to sit through all of "The Locket." I can't authoritatively claim this the worst episode, but it is the only episode I actually own on DVD and never watched in its entirety. Until now. I'm oddly excited about recapping it now, though, because if nothing else, I know I'm going to have stuff to talk about. So let's go!

Command. Crichton leans over the console, staring out at...shimmery yellow stuff. D'Argo strolls up with a beverage for Crichton, and they gloomily establish that Aeryn went out in a transport pod, and now they can't find her. Pilot identifies the yellow stuff as "stellar mist," like that clarifies anything, and says it's making Moya sluggish.

Cut to Stark, eavesdropping from the doorway. Zhaan wanders up, happily surprised to see him. She's got a new outfit! Well, it's sort of a mesh shrug, but at least it makes a change. Stark explains that he arrived two days ago (Zhann's been meditating all that time, apparently) and wants to return the transport he borrowed. He adds, "I have something important to tell you." Rygel floats up to delay that conversation, and then Zhaan finds out that Aeryn's been missing for a day. Crichton explains, "Thought we'd hide in this fog, or whatever it is, from the Peacekeepers. Aeryn went on long-range recon and she hasn't come back yet." On cue, there's a tweedle, and Aeryn's distorted voice comes through the comms. Off of everyone's exclamations, she calmly says, "I'll come on board now if that's all right." Crichton tries to give his enthusiastic assent, but just gets static in response. Pilot reports, "Some kind of opening is forming in the mist. I can see a planet below us now."

The transport docks. Everyone gathers in the hangar bay as a ladder descends from the filthy, rusty transport. Rygel gasps, "Looks like she's been in some kind of battle." Chiana helpfully says, "I told you she shouldn't have gone out in the mist." Everyone waits, but there's no sign of Aeryn. After a beat, D'Argo tosses Crichton a pistol and they race onto the ship.

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