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Crichton enters the transport pod, still a jungle of vines after another 55 years. Zeccan Leaf is hardy stuff. In addition to the fact that it seems to be unkillable. All they do down on the planet is garden, right? Why did Aeryn leave the plant and let it overgrow the ship instead of, say, planting it? Aeryn's body has been placed among the plant's tendrils, which is slightly odd. Crichton kneels beside her and explains, "I told them our plan." And then he monologues. He wanted to show her some place in Maine where his family used to spend the summer. "My Dad and I, we'd camp out there, and one night, the astronauts landed on the moon. I remember looking up at the sky. I knew right then what I was gonna do with the rest of my life." He sighs, "I miss you already. Who else am I gonna tell this crap to?" Heh. He leans down, says he loves her, and gives her a kiss. Then he reaches into the voluminous folds of her cloak and pulls out the locket. Which, apparently, wasn't actually fastened. No wonder it fell off before. As he holds it, we hear Aeryn, in echoey-flashback, say that it contains a photo of the love of her life. I know! That was ten minutes ago! He opens it, and there's a tiny cut-out picture of Crichton's head in there. Where'd she get the photo? Crichton is apparently the only one in creation who's surprised by this, and starts sobbing.

A rather cranky Pilot starts prepping for reverse Starburst. Whirry noises ensue.

Moya shakes suddenly, and Crichton whines, "What now?"

As sparks drip from random bits of equipment, Zhaan asks Pilot what's going on.

Pilot's voice gets all funky as he says "Priming for Starburst is making everything stop." More crashing noises, and then Pilot says he can't move his arms. While flapping his arms around as usual. But then he really does start to freeze as he asks them to initiate Starburst manually.

In Command, D'Argo races (well, in slo-mo) for the control panel, but winds up frozen several feet away with his arm stretched out plaintively. I cannot believe that they're still finding ways to make this episode even dopier. D'Argo and Chiana shout for help in distorto-speak. Even though they can't move.

In the med bay, Zhaan tells Stark, "Crichton and I once shared Unity. So I can help him. If we join, we can keep time alive for him." I was going to try to replicate her manner of speaking, but it woooould BE quite annnnnnnoyING to rEEEad. Plus, it's hard enough to make sense of what she's saying there. I mean... oh, whatever. She and Stark bump foreheads, white light whooshes out.

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