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On the transport, Crichton is understandably bewildered when he hears Zhaan talking to him. She calmly says that she fused her spirit with Stark, like, duh, and tells him to go to Command and initiate Starburst. But since he's old, he wants to know why he's gotta get up and trudge across the ship, and then Zhaan has to explain what we ALREADY KNOW AGAIN about how everyone else is frozen. Crichton sighs, "I am too old for this shit." Hey! He said a bad word. And I feel the same way. The captioning says "too old for this crap," which amuses me. But he slowly gets up.

Dramatic music plays as Crichton runs in slo-mo down the corridor. The entire episode could have been redeemed if he'd done that Tim Conway footshuffle here, but no such luck. Instead, the background goes swirling and darkens as he goes on running.

Zhaan and Stark clutch each other and shimmer. Zhaan urges Crichton to hurry.

How come episodes where time stops always recreate that experience for the viewer? We cut in between Crichton slowly running, and D'Argo not moving at all. Then Crichton arrives in Command. He moves past D'Argo and presses the Starburst panel. Finally.

We see the Starburst lights zip out of the mist, behind Moya, and then there's a kerzapple and the ship materializes in empty space.

The camera drunkenly weaves down a corridor and into Command. Everyone's there, including normal-age Aeryn and Crichton. They stare out the viewscreen as Crichton asks what the staticy mist in front of them is. Pilot says he's analyzing it now. Rygel wonders if it'd make a good hiding place, but Chiana doesn't think that's a good idea. Aeryn says, "I'll fly a long-range recon in a transport pod to make sure it's safe."

Zhaan is meditating in her room. Suddenly she opens her eyes and gasps, "No!"

As Aeryn prepares to head out, she picks up a pot and explains that it's a plant Zhaan gave her to ease her headaches.

Zhaan races down a corridor, trying to call Pilot. Instead she runs into Stark, who says, "You know what they're about to do?" She complains that the comms aren't working and they both start running.

In Command, Crichton tells Pilot that everyone but Chiana agrees that they should enter the mist. I thought they agreed that Aeryn should go explore it first. If they're going to enter it anyway, why did she bother? As Moya starts to move forward, Zhaan and Stark race in. Zhaan shouts for Pilot to stop. Stark stops dead and tells Crichton, "You're young!" Crichton squints a little and says, "Uh huh." Stark turns to goggle at Aeryn. Zhaan gasps that they don't remember, and Stark 's brain finally kicks in enough for him to say, "Just trust us. Don't go into the mist." Chiana, adorably, grins widely at that. Crichton wants to know why not, and Zhaan settles for saying that she and Stark can sense that it's dangerous. Chiana eagerly agrees. Crichton tetchily tells Pilot to move Moya away from the mist.

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