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Some time later, Zhaan strolls through a corridor with Stark as they try to make sense of what happened. Good luck with that one. Stark theorizes, "We've returned to a time before any of it happened." He figures that the two of them only remember it because they were joined. Zhaan wonders about Aeryn's family, and Stark figures Ennixx may still exist in her own universe. I think he's reached my own conclusions about this episode, since he swiftly changes the subject and declares, "It's time to tell Ka D'Argo why I came aboard."

Command. Stark hands D'Argo a little metal tube. Inside it is a photograph of a sulky-looking Luxan boy. Stark explains, "I found it in a manifest of slaves being sold to the Caton mines." Okay, so the kid's probably got reasons to sulk. D'Argo asks, "Who is this?" which is kind of hilarious, because who do you think? Zhaan nervously says that according to the manifest, it's D'Argo's son, Jothee. We fade...

...back in, as D'Argo confirms, "My son is being sold into slavery." He tosses the photograph and leaps at Stark, knocking his head against a table as he shouts, "How long have you known? Why didn't you tell me?" Zhaan quickly explains that Stark just wanted to wait till she was awake. Because of her soothing nature, I guess. Obviously, that didn't do much good. She begs D'Argo to let Stark go and insists, "There's plenty of time. The auction isn't for a few solar days. We will find a way to rescue Jothee!" D'Argo shudders and slowly calms down. He finally apologizes to Stark, and in dazed tones mutters that he needs to save his son.

Maintenance bay. Aeryn and Crichton are, I dunno, maintaining things. Aeryn looks over at him and says, "What?" Crichton asks if she has "a feeling." He explains, "I just had this feeling... Something happened." "Between us?" Aeryn asks, as if she feels the same way. Crichton says, "Yeah." She asks what he thinks happened, and he smirks, "I don't know." Aeryn grins and figures that if something happened, they'd remember it. After a moment she calls him over to look at something. She explains that she found the locket Chiana gave her in the transport pod. But it's fused shut, so she's trying to open it. Crichton asks if she put something inside, but Aeryn says she didn't. After prying at it a little, she manages to open it. They look inside and find a small pile of coppery dust. Why would....oh, I don't care anymore. You win this time, Farscape. Aeryn says, "Looks like something disintegrated in there." She puts it out into her palm, and Crichton picks up a few flakes curiously. With a final, "Hm," she dumps them out onto the ground. And then she and Crichton stare at each other significantly. Because that's their thing.

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