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Upon entering the cabin, they find their path blocked by a miniature jungle of vines. Zhaan identifies the plants as Zeccan Leaf. She explains that she gave Aeryn a plant to treat her headaches. "Chewing Zeccan Leaf provides a potent neuralgesic effect." She adds that she only gave Aeryn a foot-tall cutting. I'm well impressed by a plant that can thrive like this without water. Or soil. Or sunlight. The botany lecture is cut short as Crichton spots a shrouded figure collapsed on the floor. He reaches out toward it, and of course, it's a slightly startled Aeryn. A startled, old Aeryn. With wrinkles and white hair. She grabs his shoulders and insists, "You have to get out now!"

Credits. Random plug: Adult Swim fans should give Monkey Dust a try (Sundance is airing it here in the U.S.). Not every segment is a winner, but it's completely worth it for things like the Hollywoodized version of The Diary of Anne Frank.

When we return, Aeryn's been moved to med bay. Or whatever they call it. She asks how long she's been aboard, and Crichton says it's been about an hour. Aeryn immediately insists that she's got to get back to the planet before the mist closes up again. She says, "My granddaughter's waiting for me," and repeats her warning to leave the mist. Crichton tut-tuts that she doesn't have a granddaughter; 'cause she's only been gone a day. He's a little slow.

I have to interrupt here. For Aeryn, 160-odd years have passed. Why did she think Moya would still be there? Why isn't she surprised that they're all so young? The only explanation is that Aeryn knows exactly what the mist is. Which is fine, except it leads to two new questions: how does she know, and why doesn't she tell them plainly, instead of giving vague warnings? But wait, there's more. When Aeryn says that she has to go or her granddaughter will die, that's true, as far as it goes. Because her granddaughter, Ennixx, is down on the sucky desert world we'll see shortly. But why is Ennixx there? "So that Aeryn is forced to go back" is not an acceptable answer, by the way. Apparently Aeryn and Ennixx flew the transport from the nice world to the sucky world. And landed there to drop Ennixx off. And then Aeryn flew into the mist to meet up with Moya. I welcome explanations for why they did that. Is there some great shopping just over the horizon on the sucky world? It might approach sense if the sucky planet was a long distance from the nice planet, but as we'll see, it's not. As further proof that only a day has passed, Crichton points out that Aeryn's wearing a locket that Chiana just gave her: "The one that says, 'Sorry I smashed your Prowler.'" Whoa, she did? And she's still alive? Maybe Chiana got smashed in the Prowler. That seems more plausible. But how does the locket prove anything? "Oh, sure, you're wrinkly and old and your clothes are completely different, but you're still wearing this piece of jewelry, so obviously you left yesterday." This must be some kind of super-advanced space-logic that does not resemble the logic we have here on Earth. Crichton isn't done yet, though. He theorizes, "Maybe your mind created the memories to compensate for your body getting old." Aeryn stares at him and starts to sniffle, "Look at you. I'd forgotten how beautiful you are." The camera whirls so that we can spend this sweet moment staring at equipment that blocks three-quarters of the screen. Odd directoral choice. Aeryn continues, "I'd also forgotten how wrong you could be!" Heh. She says, "I have had three sons, and watched them die, and I have a granddaughter who will die if I don't get to her!" She struggles to get up, but Stark moves next to her and removes his mask as Aeryn sobs helplessly. "Take my thoughts," Stark says. Aeryn basks in Stark's glowy pixie-dust headlight, and calms down, while Crichton pulls Zhaan away for a chat. Zhaan confirms that it's definitely Aeryn: "Same DNA, same blood composition, same scars. By my best calculation, she has aged 160 cycles." Crichton asks if the aging is reversible. Zhaan doubts it.

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