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Crichton's in Command with Chiana, satisfying my alliteration requirement for the episode. Pilot reports that the mist is "contracting," but he can't find anything in it that would have aged Aeryn. He's also analyzed the planet beneath them: "Its atmosphere is acidic and barely life-sustainable." He says that Aeryn couldn't have survived there for a year, much less 160. Here's a thought experiment for you: say you go exploring a mysterious space-mist, a crewmen disappears, returns looking the worse for wear, and warns you to leave the mist because it's terribly dangerous. Wouldn't you at least consider leaving the mist immediately? Maybe you could try to figure out what had happened from outside it? Just a thought.

Transport-cum-arboretum. Chiana and Rygel goggle at the vines draped everywhere, and start poking around. Rygel figures that Chiana is looking for stuff to steal, and laughs, "You're worse than me. I like that!" They're a cute couple. Their thievery is interrupted when D'Argo marches in. Chiana ducks behind the control panel to hide as D'Argo asks what's going on. Rygel innocently says, "We're looking for...clues! To see if we can find out how this terrible, terrible thing happened to Aeryn." Heh. D'Argo pinches Rygel's mouth shut and calls for Chiana to come out. She does, and D'Argo lectures, "There is no dignity in what you are doing." He adds that Zhaan needs someone to help tend to Aeryn. Chiana grumbles, "I don't see why it's always gotta be me. I mean, why do you always get the girls --" D'Argo cuts off that excellent question and says that Aeryn might be dying.

Aeryn wakes up in med bay, and Chiana helps her sit up. If she might be dying, you'd think that maybe someone besides Chiana would be here. Where did Crichton and Zhaan go? Aeryn asks for some water. Chiana turns to get it, and Aeryn grabs a space-hypo from the table next to her, and injects Chiana in the neck. Good thing she (presumably) knew there was a sedative there. Can you imagine what would happen if Chiana was injected with adrenaline? Chiana gasps and twitches, then falls back against the bed. Aeryn apologizes and says, "It's just I don't have much time. And neither do you."

Via the clamshell, Pilot asks Aeryn what happened, which is a sensible question that, of course, nobody else thought to ask. Or maybe they knew there was no point, since Aeryn's answer is, "I lived." Thanks for clarifying. She repeats that everyone needs to stay out of the mist, and adding that she's glad she got to see him one more time. Pilot, bewildered, says he'll see her again. "You won't," Aeryn says. "Goodbye."

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