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The transport pod whirrs away from Moya.

Command. D'Argo asks why Pilot let Aeryn leave. "She asked me not to alert you," Pilot semi-explains. Crichton asks, "If I go down to the planet, I'm not going to age 200 cycles, right?" Pilot says that he hasn't detected anything on the planet that would cause rapid aging. Crichton tells a protesting D'Argo that he'll bring Aeryn back. As he races for the door he insists, "I'll be on the surface 30 microts, max. Worst case scenario? I age a couple years." Oh dear. He might as well have said, "What could possibly go wrong?"

A second transport whooshes through the mist and down to the planet.

Crichton climbs down the ladder and finds himself on the surface of a desert planet. Sand blows through the air and several inexplicable fires burn nearby. He calls for Aeryn, like, if she didn't notice this big ship landing, she'll hear him shouting over the wind. But Aeryn does turn up, still old, still wearing one of Obi-Wan's old outfits. And holding a rifle. Crichton says he's going to take her back to Moya. Aeryn shouts for him to go away. He gestures around and calls back, "Is this where you lived the last 160 cycles? You could not have lived here!" Aeryn says that she was on another planet. She moves closer so as to argue more effectively, and then Crichton grabs her arm and tries to force her back to the ship. Aeryn falls down during the tussle -- way to go, Crichton, knocking down an old lady. As Crichton tries to help her up, a shot hits a boulder near them. He turns and draws, only to find a young woman holding a gun on him. She says, "You touch my grandmother again, and I will kill you." Fade out.

Fade in. Now Crichton has to gradually realize what the audience understood five minutes ago, because we know it's a TV show: Aeryn was telling the truth. The girl with the gun is Aeryn's granddaughter, Ennixx. Who was named after a prescription medication. Ennixx has her own mini-revelation that the stories Aeryn told her about a spaceship and a dude named Crichton are true. About that time Aeryn wakes up, causing me to wonder if she was just pretending to be unconscious so as to avoid all the exposition. She and Crichton immediately resume their "You should leave!" "Not without you!" debate. Aeryn weakly tells him, "If you don't go, you'll get trapped for 55 cycles. Trapped like I was." Crichton asks a very good question: "What the hell is going on?" Aeryn finally tells him that if he leaves now, in eight hours there will be another four-hour window when the mist clears, and he can come back for a chat. Rather bizarrely, Crichton agrees to leave.

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