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We return to a lovely view of a planet. And then we pan down, to reveal that we're viewing it from another planet, which I guess means the first planet is actually a gargantuan moon. Or maybe this is the moon. I don't know. If they're both planets it seems like one of them should be crashing into the other one soon. Later on, Ennixx will describe both as planets, but I'm pretty sure she's an idiot. All you really need to know is that the one up in the sky is the sucky place where Crichton found Aeryn, but here, instead of sand and fire, there's a lush park. Aeryn and Ennixx are gardening and talking about Crichton. Ennixx want to know why Crichton mopes around so much. We see him, his back to us, standing near a purple tree. It's difficult not to think he's taking a leak. Aeryn says that something must have reminded Crichton of his time on Moya, but she's sure he'll come around in "a few more cycles."

Cut to a few cycles later. Oh dear. Crichton's old and wrinkly now, too. He croaks, "I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do!" This is where we learn that aging causes your accent to mutate, since he's got quite a twang going now. Maybe that's what happened to Madonna. Anyway, after all these years Crichton is still talking to Harvey. Harvey says, "I need the wormhole knowledge that you have locked in your brain," and emphasizes that point by pointing to Crichton's forehead. Crotchety Crichton chuckles, "I'm dying right here on this planet and you ain't never gonna get what's in my head. Loo-ser!" They're interrupted by Ennixx, who I guess thinks it's cute that Crichton talks to invisible people. Unlike everyone else, she doesn't seem to have aged much. Crichton looks up at the sky and says, "Wonder if he's still looking for me."

Moya. Everyone's gathered in Command, where Zhaan announces that Stark thinks that maybe, and this may sound crazy, Aeryn was telling the truth. Christ. I understand that they need to have that realization; I don't understand why we have to watch them figure out what we already know. Farscape is usually a lot better at cutting past this stuff. So, after establishing that time froze for everyone when Stark and Zhaan bumped foreheads earlier, Zhaan explains about the center haloes. I use the word "explains" loosely, obviously. D'Argo gets it, though: "It's us who are not growing old." Zhaan hits him with a ruler and says, "No, it is we who are not growing old -- but grammar aside, yes." D'Argo asks, "So this means everyone we know -- Crais, Scorpius, my son -- they're all old now?" Stark says yes. He adds that, in theory, the halo eventually "hardens," and then everything within it is frozen forever. D'Argo confirms that the mist around them is hardening already. Stark agrees again. I do kind of like how Stark is so blasé about it. Unlike Chiana, who thinks this is their cue to get going. D'Argo is somewhere in-between, and asks when the planet will reappear. Pilot says that, according to what Aeryn told them, the opening to the planet will reappear in an hour.

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