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Back on Moya, it's time for the mist to open again. Everyone waits anxiously for a transmission from the planet below. But there isn't one. The end.

Crichton, Aeryn, and Ennixx have returned to the sucky planet. Crichton opens up a metal container and pulls out a comm as he explains that he's kept it sealed for fifty years. "Hope it works." He starts trying to contact Pilot. While he strolls around, maybe hoping for better reception, Ennixx asks Aeryn why she wants to leave. Aeryn says, "I grew up a Peacekeeper. We are born in space, and we must die in space." She says she's enjoyed her life, but she wants to die "up there." Ennixx tears up and finally sniffs, "Goodbye, Nana." They hug, and then Ennixx runs off without waiting to see if anyone's actually going to respond to Crichton's call. It's a good thing they have two transports. And that they taught Ennixx how to pilot one, I guess.

Seriously, how do Aeryn and Crichton know how all of this works? Is it common knowledge among the agrarian natives who, even when skilled astronauts with two working spaceships join them, evidence no technological development at all in the course of fifty years? Are the natives another lost Peacekeeper colony made up of people who saw The Village and decided it was a good idea?

Moya . Pilot reports that the mist is parting. D'Argo starts calling to Crichton and Aeryn.

Planetside, Crichton wonders if the communicator is broken. Then he says, "Maybe Moya decided not to wait for us." Aeryn thinks that's unlikely. He keeps trying.

Moya. Over the comms, they hear Crichton say, " Pick up the damn phone, you useless pieces of --" "We hear you," D'Argo interrupts.

Crichton starts stomping his feet and shouting, "Ho! Aah! Ho! Hoo!" Accents, chanteys, dullness, and every once in a while you break into a rain-dance. Once he calms down a little, D'Argo asks if they can make it back to Moya, and Crichton says that they'll be there in a minute. He gives Aeryn a hug and is briefly attacked by his burlap cape when the wind flops the hood onto his face. Aeryn's calmer, as usual, but does have another of her spells for a second until Crichton steadies her. He crows, "Goin' home," as they slowly walk toward the transport.

The transport lands aboard Moya.

The doors to the hangar open slowly, to reveal Crichton sitting at the bottom of the ladder, cradling Aeryn. Aw, another tragic victim of foreshadowing. Zhaan rushes toward them, and then stops dead. Um, so to speak. Crichton looks up as everyone approaches, and stammeringly explains that he tried to get back to Moya in time. "So we could... uh. She died on the way. She's gone." He buries his head in her shoulder and cries.

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