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Obligatory Rashomon Reference

Interrogation room. Crichton concludes, "And then Crais forced us off the ship." Eydie asks if Stark did hit the weapons console. Crichton says during their fumbling, he shut the console down. "He did not fire the weapon. Nobody did. And that's how I saw it. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." Oh, honey, I wish you hadn't said that, considering I've got "A Clockwork Nebari" coming up next.

On the frisbee, Stark moans that he's going to be executed, and wonders how they'll do it. "Pulse fire? Strangulation? Maybe even Novatron gas." Aeryn, who hasn't learned anything about how to be comforting, says the Plokavians mentioned "dispersal" to her. Stark turns to her, startled, and says that he might be able to survive dispersal. Oh. Well, isn't that convenient? Zhaan points out that Maldis survived after being dispersed. So apparently dispersal isn't dangerous to incredibly annoying characters. Figures. Stark gasps, "Maybe I can return to this realm someday." There's a happy pause, and then he looks at a skeptical Aeryn and adds, "No. I don't believe it either." Ha! He does say that it's at least a chance. And then the elevator pops up as Crichton returns.

Steve and Eydie are revealed, standing on another frisbee. Eydie shrieks, "Your lack of candor gives us no choice but to have you all put to death." As everyone starts bitching, she says they'll start with Aeryn. Stark stands up and declares, "I cannot let the others die on my behalf. I have to tell the truth. I fired on the Plokavian ship and destroyed it." Crichton tries to stop him, but they're all immediately zapped so that everyone besides Stark falls down, frozen. Steve admits that Stark was their prime suspect. Stark unbuckles his mask and removes it. His formerly-glowy blob is all dark and mopey. It's a mood blob! Stark puts the mask into Zhaan's hand and steps into the elevator. Then he speechifies, "I thank you all for the great risks you took to save a mere Banik slave. Your acceptance, your friendship, has meant a lot to me." Except for D'Argo, of course. They blink in acknowledgment, since that's all they can do. Then a light blazes down from the top of the elevator, and Stark screams in pain. And then his body is gone, and a lot of glowy confetti is blown out of the elevator.

As the transport pod zips toward Moya, Pilot reports that they're ready to Starburst as soon as everyone's aboard. D'Argo mopes that he misjudged Stark. "He shouldn't have died for his crime." Zhaan silently clutches Stark's mask to her chest as Crichton says that Stark didn't do anything. D'Argo says he saw Stark fire, and Zhaan admits that she saw the same thing. Crichton explains that he'd shut down the weapons console before Stark hit the button. Aeryn asks, "Did you know what else would happen when you neutralized the controls?" Crichton stares at her for a moment before saying, "I knew that shutting down the weapons console would kill the manual override, yeah." Zhaan helps us out, explaining that Crichton returned weapons control to Talyn. D'Argo asks why Talyn opened fire. Turns out that Pilot's been listening in, since he explains: "When Talyn scanned the arms dealer's cargo, he asked Moya what it was. She realized it was Novatron gas, one of the six forbidden cargoes no Leviathan may carry." Pilot says that Talyn attacked because he was trying to protect Moya.

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