The Ugly Truth

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Obligatory Rashomon Reference

Moya. D'Argo sits in his cell, the photo of Jothee next to him. Chiana wanders in and looks at the picture before insisting, "You'll find him." D'Argo sighs that he only knows how to find Jothee because of Stark. He sighs, "I've become so distrustful of people, even when they're trying to help me. What does that say about what I've become?"

Er, the galley? I think. Crichton asks Aeryn why she didn't place the blame on Crais. Aeryn scoffs, "What if they believed me? They probably would have gone after Crais and they would have had to kill Talyn to get to him." Crichton asks if she was just protecting Talyn. She says yes, but Crichton looks unconvinced. Aeryn has a question, too: "Do you think it's possible that Stark survived?" Crichton thinks for a second, and then says he's seen a lot of impossible things since arriving on Moya. So, that's a "no," then. Aeryn says that Zhaan thinks it's possible. Crichton sighs, "She says she does. But I don't think she believes it." And then, as usual, they stare at each other.

Zhaan sits in her cell, stroking Stark's mask. She kisses it, and allows a tear to drip down her face, much to the consternation of the makeup people. "Now I'm going to have to do all the exposition by myself," she sobs.

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