The Ugly Truth

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Obligatory Rashomon Reference

Chiana and Rygel look terrified. Pilot reports that yet another Plokavian ship is approaching. Rygel asks, "How soon can we Starburst?" Off of Chiana's look, he says, "I'm just asking!" Pilot says that Talyn has cut off communication with Moya. Then Crichton calls in and says that they're headed back. As the transport pod heads back, Talyn Starbursts away. Pilot warns Crichton that another Plokavian ship is closing in on them.

It's doing a lot more than that, in fact. We see the transport against the stars for a moment, and then this giant ship passes above it, filling the frame from top to bottom, in a way that's reminiscent of the opening of a certain retarded children's movie. And it just keeps going on and on, like the fans of a certain retarded children's movie. Then goofy robot arms snake out, grab the transport, and haul it inside. Inside the transport, sparks fly and then everyone aboard is jolted and collapses.

Back on Moya, Pilot calls to Crichton, and gets no reply. Chiana and Rygel look terrified. Even more.

Credits. Random plug: Rex Libris. Because there aren't enough comics about heroic librarians. The first storyline just wrapped up, but you can check out a sample here.

Crichton wakes up...somewhere. Zhaan and Stark are also awake, and Stark reports that D'Argo's still unconscious, but unhurt. Crichton asks after Aeryn. Zhaan fretfully says that Aeryn was missing when they woke up. Crichton calls, "Aeryn?" We finally go to a wide shot and see that Crichton, Zhaan, Stark, and D'Argo are sitting on what looks like a giant metal frisbee floating in darkness. Zhaan says that their comms aren't working, and Stark explains that they were hit with a dampening net: "It's the only Plokavian weapon that isn't lethal." Crichton decides to try shouting Aeryn's name. Remarkably, that doesn't accomplish anything. He looks over the frisbee's edge and wonders, "How far down does that go?" He spits, and waits a moment before nervously announcing, "That's a long way down. Either that or they got deep shag carpet." He's got very sensitive ears. Or very loud spittle. Suddenly D'Argo wakes up and immediately grabs Stark by the neck, growling, "This is all your fault!" Crichton hisses at D'Argo to knock it off, and D'Argo reluctantly releases a gasping Stark. D'Argo looks around and asks where Aeryn is. Crichton says, "Good question," and D'Argo sighs, "Bad answer."

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