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Obligatory Rashomon Reference

Aeryn turns out to be sitting in one of La-Z-Boy's new line of interrogation recliners. It's got built in reading lamps on the headrest! And another one which rises out of the footrest. Hm, maybe that's a little heatlamp in case your feet get cold. Sweet. At the moment all of the lamps are aimed directly at her face, the better to reveal her irritated expression. She grumps, "I have told you, no one is responsible." From the darkness we hear a Plokavian grumble, "Someone is! You destroyed a Plokavian vessel." A second, female Plokavian asks if Talyn fired by himself. Aeryn explains that Talyn's manual overrides were engaged, so he couldn't have fired on his own. It's going to be pretty annoying to keep typing "the male Plokavian" and "the female Plokavian" for the whole recap, so I'm going to call them Steve and Eydie. Steve asks if Crais fired the cannon, but Aeryn says he wasn't near the weapons console. We finally see that the recliner is sitting on a pole, which is standing in a large pool of liquid. The size, and for that matter the depth, of the pool is unclear since everything's shrouded in darkness. I would characterize Plokavian decorating as "aqua-goth." Though the chair is reminiscent of the end of the first Aeon Flux short, when Aeon goes to foot-fetishist's heaven. Anyway, Eydie thinks that Aeryn's protecting Crais. Aeryn says, "If I wanted to lie, it would be easy to blame it on Crais, wouldn't it? After all, he and Talyn fled, did they not?" Eydie sneers, "You don't want to see either of them dispersed!" Aeryn agrees with that, and repeats that the whole thing was an accident. We see someone move toward the chair -- it's hard to see much in the low light, but there's a tall, robed figure holding two very tall walking sticks. Oh my God, they've been captured by stiltwalkers. The horror! Aeryn looks at her interrogator, and Eydie asks, "Do I offend your senses?" Aeryn looks away and says, "No." Eydie shrieks that maybe Aeryn's the one who fired the cannon. Aeryn sighs that she's telling the truth. Steve and Eydie order her to take it from the top.

Flashback to Talyn, as D'Argo, Stark, and Zhaan step aboard. Blah blah, "Banik slave," blah blah, disarming Talyn. This time, we see more of the conversation. Crais says he wants to replace Talyn's cannon with a dampening net to "incapacitate hostile vessels." Zhaan asks where he's going to get a dampening net. In space. At this hour. Crais explains that they're going to meet with a Plokavian arms dealer. Stark is mildly shocked. The gag becomes clearer later, but in Aeryn's version of events, everyone is being very, very calm about everything. Well, almost everyone, as we're about to see. Stark explains to a curious Zhaan that the Plokavians build dangerous weapons. Crais assures them that he's just getting the dampening net. D'Argo interrupts, "Peacekeeper lies!" He shouts that Crais is planning to upgrade Talyn's weaponry. Crichton thinks that D'Argo has a point, but then Crais agrees to let them supervise the installation. Zhaan's agreeable, but Crichton asks what they'll do if Talyn objects to the change. Aeryn says that she can talk him into it. D'Argo dramatically exclaims, "I will not be a party to this!" Crichton's on D'Argo's side, and asks, "What do we know about these Plakavoids?" Aeryn corrects him, "It's 'Plokavians,' John," and notes that they don't need to know anything else. Zhaan says she may need to meditate about this to decide what she thinks. Aeryn doesn't quite roll her eyes as D'Argo snaps, "Enough thinking! If we really want to help Talyn, then we should kill Crais!" Crichton calls, "I am up with that!" Heh. Aeryn herds D'Argo to the other end of the cabin, and Crais points out that Talyn will be even more destructive without his "guidance." "You mean, your control!" D'Argo bellows. Crais argues, "I can only control him to a point. I can't even convince him to use his weapons as a last resort." Aeryn holds up the transponder and offers to talk to Talyn herself. They continue to debate whether or not to trust Crais, and Crais mentions that he's only used Talyn's weapons in self-defense. Zhaan, still waffling, mentions what happened with the Halosians. Crais says that the Halosians attacked, and he was barely able to keep Talyn from destroying them. To sum up Aeryn's story: Stark was silent, Zhaan was useless, Crichton was surly, and D'Argo was homicidal. So far, it sounds pretty plausible.

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