The Ugly Truth

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Obligatory Rashomon Reference

Interrogation chamber. Zhaan stammers that Crais asked for their help. Cue the flashback. Stark, dampening net, fishcakes. This time, when the Plokavians are mentioned, Zhaan doesn't ask who they are. Instead, she helpfully tells Stark, "Oh, I've heard of them. Quite far advanced technologically. Strong believers in truth and justice." I love the idea that she's working flattery into her testimony. And this time, it's Crichton who immediately objects because he doesn't trust Crais. Crais tells Crichton that he can supervise the installation of the dampening net. Zhaan points out that Crais will need their help to get Talyn to go along with this. Crichton, startled, says, "I hadn't thought about that. Talyn might not want to give up his cannon, right?" Aeryn grumpily tells Crichton that Peacekeepers never give up their weapons. She goes on to say, "But it's in his best interest, so we should let Crais do it." Crichton quickly agrees. Heh, Zhaan thinks he's whipped. Stark and Zhaan also support the plan.

Eydie interrupts, "You're saying that nobody had a problem with Crais's plan?" Zhaan admits that right about then, D'Argo got pissy. She says, "He's a Luxan and Luxans are subject to fits of hyper-rage. Well, and he lost his son, you know. That made him edgy." Edgy is one word for it.

Flashback. D'Argo shouts, "I will not be a party to this!" Crichton calmly asks what the problem is, and D'Argo says that Crais going to get dangerous weapons installed on Talyn. Crichton wavers, and admits that D'Argo has a point. Wow, she thinks Crichton's whipped in several ways. Stark seems to support Crais's plan. Once again, Crais says that Talyn would be more destructive without his guidance. This time it's Crichton who asks, "Don't you mean, your control?" Crais says that he can't always control Talyn. Aeryn fondles the neural link and says she'll teach Talyn to behave. Oh my. Self-defense, Halosians, and cue the Plokavians. So, according to Zhaan, Stark was agreeable, Aeryn was militaristic, Crichton was dopey, and D'Argo was surly.

Crais greets the Plokavians, saying they're right on time, Stark and Zhaan move to look at the hologram of the ship while Aeryn lurks behind them. Stark says it's a lovely ship, and Zhaan agrees. She's really not very subtle at all. Something beeps and flashes, and Aeryn says, "Weapons console malfunction. " The cannon rises up out of Talyn. Crichton moves toward the console, saying that they have to disarm it. Aeryn waves him away, snapping, "You might set it off!"

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