The Way We Weren't

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Bloody, Murder-Colored Mem'ries

Flashback. Aeryn massages a bi-naked Velorek who tells her that he's finished his assignment and will be reassigned soon. She wants to go with him. Velorek is surprised, so Aeryn straddles him to convince his lap further. Velorek asks about her desire to fly Prowlers. Aeryn tosses this (but not him) off. Velorek tells her he's going to make "this" as exciting as flying Prowlers could ever be, which makes me wonder about the "cock" in "cockpit." More soft talk until Aeryn freaks a bit and insists, "Change your mind." Velorek is confused. "Whatever you've done with Crais' plan, put it back," she pleads. Velorek demands to know what she's on about, but before she can answer (or get dressed) curfew-bright Gestapo lights blast in on them. It's Crais with a few helmet-headed guards. Aeryn slips off Velorek, who must be experiencing quite the Sebacean equivalent to blue balls right about now, and darts away. Velorek doesn't get what's going on. Crais tells him he's under arrest for "treason, of course." Crais also believes that since there's no evidence of Velorek's sabotage as yet, they caught him just in time. Turning to Aeryn, who stands there with overflowing eyes, Crais barks, "I assume you're the informant." She is. Crais tells her to contact Teeg (neck still unsnapped at this point, of course) and says she'll be rewarded with the assignment she requested. "Prowler detail, sir," Aeryn says softly. "Whatever," Crais shrugs. Velorek is dragged away but he manages to remind Aeryn, with quite a bit of tenderness, that he told her she was special. No ordinary Peacekeeper would have been able to do what she just did. He damns and exalts at the same time. All the more so because he continues to look at her with love. Hey, didn't Crichton once say something to Aeryn about how she could be more than she was? Crais gives Aeryn a look that is halfway between whiffing some rotting meat and blasé mental calculation. Like he's memorizing her features in case he needs to watch for her knife. Aeryn just stands there, hoping against hope that her Prowler options package includes, well, a package.

Present day. "I got my duty," Aeryn finishes. "And what happened to Velorek?" Crichton asks softly. Aeryn turns to look at him. Crichton moves his face out of shadow into a half-light as understanding dawns. Boy, I never go for beefy blonds, but there's something about Browder in this role that just inspires...something. Where was I? Right. Recapping. Tubey's Kids. I'm there. Here we go. Okay. Time to get past this. Any time now. Hi.

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