The Way We Weren't

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Bloody, Murder-Colored Mem'ries

Pilot flashback. Pilot learns that Moya doesn't know he's there because she's under heavy sedation until the bonding takes place. "But the bonding takes over a cycle, sometimes two," Pilot protests. "That's natural bonding, we don't have time for that," Velorek tells him, with a comforting hand on what might be considered his shoulder.

Present day. Pilot continues to bellow and abuse Aeryn as Crichton and D'Argo bound into his chamber. Pilot smacks Crichton away with one of his tentaclaws, knocking him into D'Argo. Aeryn coughs and chokes weakly. With another tentacle stroke, Pilot hits a panel, raising one of those small plunger-things. In space, Moya vents something. "He's venting the chamber!" D'Argo realizes as he and Crichton are blown backwards and without oxygen.

Flashback. Pilot realizes that Moya doesn't know that her old pilot is dead and that his presence will be a complete surprise to her. "By that time, the bonding process will be complete," Velorek says, descending into the space below pilot, "There's no more time to allow you adjustments to your new surroundings. Best for all of us the sooner we get this over with." He reaches into Pilots undersides and draws out a squelchy mass of shiny white, ribbed tubes. Pilot's guts. They really make the guts look mobile and reactionary. They sort of spring back as Velorek pulls at them.

Present day. Pilot screams and throws Aeryn aside. He stops the venting (the oxygen, not the spleen) and yells that Aeryn killed Moya's original pilot and that Moya will go nowhere until Aeryn leaves the ship. Moya appears to shut down and go dead in space.

D'Argo kicks at something (not Rygel) while Chiana twists and threatens something (Rygel). As Chiana calls Rygel out for tattling to Pilot about Aeryn, D'Argo tries to get Moya working. Crichton comes to check on D'Argo's progress and learns that they haven't moved a single metra. "We've never seen Pilot like this before -- chop off an arm, the best he can muster is a few snotty remarks, but this, he shuts down the ship and tries to kill Aeryn," Crichton muses. As Crichton thinks out loud about how bad things were back then, D'Argo manages to remind him that his collarbones were chained to the wall of his cell.

Zhaan prepares and administers healing tinctures to Aeryn's bruised neck. When Aeryn flinches, Zhaan asks bitingly, "Did I hurt you, my dear?" Aeryn knocks her hands away and says Zhaan's done enough, "Thank you for your compassion." Aeryn turns to leave, and Zhaan, not at all catching the irony in Aeryn's voice, comments that it is interesting to hear Aeryn speak of compassion. Aeryn demands to know if Zhaan thinks she lacks compassion and if she agrees with Pilot that Aeryn defiles Moya with her very presence. Before Zhaan can answer, Aeryn says that they're right and she will be off the ship in less than an arn. At this (late) point, Zhaan decides to give Aeryn sympathy, announcing that Aeryn had no choice back then. Okaaay, late bloomer. And I do mean that literally, Morning Glory.

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