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The crew is sitting around, eating and bitching. It's nice to know that as alien as most of them are, they can still do things I can relate to. D'Argo says he's getting off Moya as soon as possible, and I know he's going to state his reasons soon, but the incredibly unappetizing-looking potluck dinner in front of them can't be making him want to stick around. Crichton wants the crew to stay together, but Zhaan tells him they're under no obligation to function as a unit. Strange coming from the woman who owes her life to sharing Unity with Crichton, but I don't feel like I have to say much about the more unflattering parts of Zhaan's nature, given that Jacob's already done a lot of heavy lifting on that front. No one's too thrilled with the food except, predictably enough, for Rygel, and then Aeryn chimes in that she won't abandon Moya. I think we're hearing Aeryn's loyal nature talking, although Pilot's DNA could certainly be adding to the volume. D'Argo snits that Aeryn's got nowhere to go anyway, and starting in on Aeryn in the first minute of the episode isn't the recommended course of action if you want me to like you this week, Tentacle Face. Zhaan professes her consternation at agreeing with D'Argo, and if she's so upset about it, I can only imagine that she really suffered when she lined up with him about cutting off Pilot's arm. She hid it well, though. Zhaan's point, however, is that if Moya has gotten to the point where she's no longer able to starburst, they're all at risk. Chiana asks if she can say something, but the answer is loudly and uniformly negative. That'll make participating in their book group difficult. (Hee, is that an image or what?) D'Argo says he wants to see his son, which makes exactly one of us in the entire galaxy, and then Rygel gives a long-winded speech, the point of which is to ask if they can trade Moya for a faster vessel. Aeryn grabs Rygel by the throat and snarls, "Moya is not a possession, your Lowness!" Hee. And if you are one of those that yells, "Hands on the puppet!" every time someone grabs Rygel, I have to warn you that your voice will be getting quite the workout this episode. D'Argo rumbles, "If you ignore the messenger, which is effortless, the message is sound." Heh. Crichton keeps defending Moya, and everyone rounds on him, even Aeryn, who thinks he only wants to stay around the Uncharted Territories so he can find a wormhole and go home. Chiana tries to cut in and is rebuffed again, but then Pilot appears on a mini-Clamshell Cam, and Chiana says she was trying to tell them that the DRDs could hear their conversation. Damn, that could be inconvenient. I hope if anyone on the ship manages to get lucky, they remember to check under the bed first. Pilot tells them that he and Moya understand their concerns, as always, and tells them to prepare for immediate starburst. Zhaan nervously says she thought that was impossible for another fifty arns, but Pilot says that while Moya's energy is low, she wishes to prove to the crew that she's still capable of protecting them. Over Zhaan's ineffective protests, they get going.

In starburst, everyone hangs on except D'Argo, who casually keeps eating. He compliments one of the dishes as clearly the best, with which Rygel concurs, and we learn that Aeryn made it. Aw. The thought of Aeryn cooking is about the cutest thing I could possibly imagine. Don't tell her that, though -- I'm still kind of attached to being alive. Suddenly, Moya appears to hit something, and everyone goes flying. Crichton sits up and frankly looks terrified as we veer into the opening credits.

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