Till The Blood Runs Clear

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Till The Suck Runs Out

John and Aeryn are sitting in the Farscape One, arguing about whether or not it was a good idea to integrate some of Moya's tech. Aww, even the module gets to be more. The whole time, they're flipping switches back and forth on each other: he'll press a button, and then she'll turn it off again. It's hilarious. They comm to Pilot about how the communications signal is getting worse because of the solar flares they're investigating; Zhaan cautions John that the star they're dealing with is very erratic, and Aeryn makes the obvious joke that so is Crichton. Especially this week, but in the most awesome way; if you look up the dictionary definition of "sexbomb," it would be this episode, particularly Zhaan and John and Aeryn. Never let it be said that I turned down free eye-candy, except the price you pay for watching this is an hour of your damn life. The flares light them up in that tiny cockpit, and on Command, do something similar-in-metaphor to Zhaan. Pilot brings the serenely orgasmic Priestess back to reality by mentioning that the radiation might hurt the baby, and Zhaan agrees they should retreat to the planet's shadow and hide from the sun, but she grins sexily to herself.

A wormhole opens up. The module hangs out and gets knocked around just outside. Inside, Aeryn's desperately trying to get John's attention, where he sits in the module just behind her. Of course, he's really out of it: Wormhole = Home right now. All kinds of Canaveral images flooding, a huge smile. I like how Zhaan's orgasm is equivalent to home for John. (And suicide for Aeryn. Love this show.) "Crichton, look at it. It isn't stable. If we don't get away from it, it's going to tear us apart. Full thrusters! Crichton?"

John finally snaps out and hits a button; the module races away from the wormhole, getting knocked all over the place. Everybody else crowds into Command; Rygel Jazzies about complaining about losing sleep; Zhaan chides him for his selfishness. Pilot informs them that he can't seem to get a fix on him through the interference, and floats the idea of following their trajectory to look for them. Rygel yawns and D'Argo enters, yelling at Pilot to shove it. "Aeryn and Crichton are on their own. We said we'd leave this miserable planet as soon as Moya was ready." Rygel agrees -- "there's nothing down there we want anyway" -- and all of Command lights up, as the sun comes out around the planet. "Right," says D'Argo. "So there's no reason for us to stay." Cut to Zhaan having an excellent orgasm all on her lonesome.

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