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Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Aeryn and the others come back out of the trader ship; she joins John on the floor. Pilot informs them that the DRDs last spotted Talikaa in the Neural Cluster, but of course she's on the go, and they can't find her orbs anywhere. John pronounces them "screwed" and Chiana tells him to cut it out -- nice of her to resent it, considering he keeps her going a lot of the time -- and Aeryn goes haywire some more: "Well we can't be like this, we have to focus, all right, I say we team up, we start in the Neural Cluster and we search every tier ourselves." Talikaa watches as Chiana vows either to find their mojo or kill her, and D'Argo mealy-mouthing that maybe they could persuade her to return them, and Rygel considering the persuasive benefits of shooting her ass in the eye.

Aeryn reaches down to help John up; he's dizzy and falls back down. Right into a k-hole, in fact. He reaches up to touch her hair, and looks at her beautiful face from the depth of all emo. "You know what the worst part of this is? You and me. We never could get it together." He swallows. "Now we never will." Wait, you mean dropping the bullshit that you keep around you like rags in order to keep your self-destructive pride intact is a great way to get what you actually want, because people actually respond to reality? Thanks, Talikaa! "Strongest trait" or not, the thing that makes you awesome is the thing that makes you suck. Aeryn tells him quickly and loudly, from her benzo fog, never to say anything of the sort again, and then drags him out of the room. Oh, shit! I just remembered the end of this episode and it is so awesome! Talikaa runs into the trader ship after everybody's gone and starts flipping switches. Spider people, I tell you. They do like their mischief.

D'Argo follows some DRDs down a corridor; his breathing is obviously compromised. Pilot informs him about the trader ship's engines firing up and he realizes it's Talikaa; Pilot can't get the bay doors closed in time, and even as D'Argo's running back to the bay, Pilot tells him she's gone. D'Argo comms to everybody to get onboard Lo'La, "and fast," and Aeryn -- still hauling John bodily -- starts over that way. John hurls himself at a wall and begs her to leave him behind. She reaches out and touches his ravaged face; he leans into it sweetly and then steels himself: "No. Forget about me and go." (Like, what help could he possibly be, if Talikaa were actually on the trader ship, which she's obviously not? He's going to hold down the "sweating and whining" role on Lo'La while everybody else takes care of business? Come to think of it, why the hell are they even taking Rygel? And meanwhile Scorpius and Sikozu and Noranti, all of whom are really good at like a billion things, don't even exist.) I guess since they're all dying from some horrible spiderbite plague they want to be together, so it's the whole family. And also, they are all crazy right now. For whatever reason, she takes a second to think about it before leaving John to piss and moan on the floor.

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