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Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Aeryn sits in Lo'La's jump seat, suggesting that they not fuck around: "We should probably get this done quite quickly." Rygel passes helium loudly, and everybody looks sad. Now for like ten reasons plus one.

John stares at himself in a mirror shard: "Damn it, boy. Make yourself useful. Come on." That's one of my favorite parts of the episode, because we've all done it. I give myself those pep talks like twice a day. It all started with Cruel Intentions. But also, because of the whole Talikaa mirror thing, like, all they've ever done is give themselves these pep talks and call it reality. But sometimes that's what it takes, and it's a very specific kind of soldier grace that allows you to pull that extra piece of spark out and cowboy up, and I love John Crichton, so...

D'Argo sighs some more -- if instead of Jool, in "Unrealized Realities," he'd been Zhaan, I think he would have acted a lot like he does in this episode -- and closes in on the trader ship: "Their weapons aren't charged up and they're not taking any evasive action. Should be easy to board." Rygel points out that they're maybe walking into a trap, and D'Argo agrees. "Rygel, you stay here and watch that scanner. If it senses any movement, comm us." Chiana starts to apologize all about bringing Talikaa onboard and once more promises to kill "that tramp" herself. That's twice; twice she's called her a whore. "Trelk" and the like are sparingly used, on this show, always with a reason more than the fact that hatred of women is America's pastime. There's always a reason. What's the name of the episode again? She thought it was as simple as dancing with her breakage; as simple as reaching out and saving somebody, instead of doing the hardest work and saving herself. She got her hand bit. She learned her lesson. Calling Talikaa a whore is, for lack of a better word, therapeutic: my side, your side. There's nothing therapeutic in seeing those men's faces eaten and melting, but she needed this episode to tell her that. She's not Talikaa and she never was, because Talikaa wasn't innocent, and she had nothing taken from her: what they did to her (what she was willing to do with Chiana) was commerce, and those assholes paid right up. What seemed like a mirror was just another enemy.

D'Argo, Aeryn, and Chiana check the vessel carefully, with flashlights; Rygel confirms there's no movement beyond theirs. Bodies everywhere. Chiana can't figure it out (too angry), but D'Argo does (not angry). "Frell. The guidance system's been activated. This ship's set to fly itself." Aeryn spells it out: "She never left Moya."

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