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Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Sikozu holds something up to Scorpius's mouth, and makes him swallow. His jaws close on her finger and he's very Scarran right now; Sikozu gasps but it could be a sex thing for all we know. "Wake up, Scorpius," she whispers. "We need you." I do believe they care about each other. It's nice to imagine that he's 100% like he is, but that doesn't fit this show at all. That's a square peg for such a wonderful character. We'll never know if he or Talikaa suffered in their own way for what they gave up, for what was lost: maybe it was just a transaction, maybe not, but we'll never know, and that's how it goes with bug people. Scorpius jerks and snarls and flops and comes around; he grabs Sikozu by the throat. "You don't want to hurt me, Scorpius," she chokes out. "I'm an ally." "Si...ko...zu?" he growls, in a whisper. "Yes, Scorpius." He growls and sits up; she gasps and whimpers quietly. "Arachnid?...Kill it." And Sikozu nods, and she is beautiful: "Yes, Scorpius. It's time to kill it." She smiles, he clambers to his feet. He picks her up in his arms like Frankenstein's Monster. At her small cry, he looks down at her: "Help." And with that, he carries her out of the fan room. I don't get those two.

John loads a gun; elsewhere, Noranti comes upon Talikaa as though by accident in a corridor. "What's your hurry, old one?" asks Talikaa; Noranti backs away. "Keep away from me," she says. The smartest thing Noranti ever taught them was to pretend weakness when strength wasn't a possibility; it's one of the things she inherited from Zhaan. "I don't want you," Talikaa smiles. "You're old and bitter. You know who I do want. Where is he?" Noranti shakes and shivers and gasps, oh so afraid: "I don't know anything." Talikaa calls her a liar. "You know where he is. Scorpius. Tell me or die." Noranti gets very sassy. "If I don't tell you, you die." She gestures to the creature and heads off down a corridor; Talikaa senses him. What does Scorpius smell like? I bet he doesn't smell terrible, like you might think at first. I prefer to think that Scorpius smells like Tabasco sauce and pipe tobacco. Just like my dear old grandfather, if you add Old Spice and whiskey. I think Zhaan smelled like sage and amber, because she is a vegetable but also a lifestyle liberal, and I think Aeryn smells like vanilla pods and the inside of a DVD player. I think my cold is going away but I'm still a little wuzzy, but I realize that, so let's move on.

So much spittle is coming out of Scorpius right now that he is like Old Yeller on ten TVs at once. Sikozu watches him get tagged by Talikaa, who somehow fights her way through the spitstorm he is sending out in all directions, and then they make animal noises and fight; she finally hits him with the golden glowy scream and does the whole harvest thing. Sikozu comms to John that she's harvesting him; John finally finishes with his gun.

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