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Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Later, three excellent scenes for the tag. Noranti is stirring a bubbling pot and Rygel and D'Argo discuss at length how delicious her "roasted spider soup" is, and Rygel acts greedy, and D'Argo cracks a joke about demonstrating for him how angry he can get. It's all very whatever, but there's something very powerful about the fact that they're eating the spider. It's not just a gross joke: it's the necessary ending to this story. It's been there from the beginning of time, from the beginning of stories, this idea of eating the beast, of actually taking it on and accepting that it's just a mirror. The only things that can scare you are the things you haven't realized are a part of you, and then you chow down. Roasted spider soup is the best way of telling yourself, and the universe, that it was never a conversation, just a monologue. The worst thing she could do to you, you were already doing to yourself, while telling yourself you had no idea. Spider soup: Crais comes on board, and Scorpius appears; Scorpius comes on board, and Grayza appears. You Yensch, you get bigger, and somehow you get through it, and you are whole again. Delicious!

Sikozu knows, listen: "What's worse? Having us see that you are half-Scarran, or remembering it yourself?" And so does Scorpius: "I know what I am, Sikozu. This interlude was simply a fortuitous, though troubling, reminder." They sit around being creepy. "If you want my help," she finally says, "the price is inclusion...and honesty." Scorpius breathes in, tight in the chest. "Price" he knows how to spell, but the rest...that's like four things he's never heard of, right there.

Fuck yeah! So Aeryn's sitting in a corridor, against a wall, staring at a bulb of laka distillate. John walks up to her just in time for a faceful: "Do you have any idea what you've done?" He shrugs and walks off, "mojo" back in place: "You won the coin toss," right, with that "your loss" pettiness in it. Aeryn stands very quickly in a Peacekeeper kind of way, but her words..."But we lost. Didn't we?" He stops and turns to her. "Aeryn. It's over." She shakes her head. "So your mind is now so full of this dren that you can't even see straight, is that it?" He can't really look her in the eye. "Move on, Aeryn." She won't. And she won't let him. He's a shapeshifter. "You see, I did everything. Everything I could, to keep us together. I did exactly what you told me to do, and the whole time you have been...cheating." The outrage at the end, like this game has rules. "Yeah, I'm a coward. Move on. It's over." She gets right up in his face, shaking, powerful: "No, I'm gonna tell you how this is gonna go, from now on. You are going to stop sniffing this dren..." She waves the laka at him and he pushes past, cutting her off. "Shut up." She gets physically aggressive: "Don't you tell me to shut up!" He ignores her. "Pilot, my comms are a bit buggy. Can you test the system, please?" Pilot replies that he will, but it'll take comms offline for half a minute. "Thought so. That'll be fine, thank you." The comms beep off.

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