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Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Talikaa ducks out of a doorway, appearing to John and Aeryn, who are searching together. She's only just a mirror. John steps forward and Talikaa pulls back, against the wall. "It's all right, it's all right," says John. It's not a conversation. "Everything's gonna be all right, we're not gonna hurt you. Don't be afraid." Talikaa runs off. "We got her," John comms. "Tier three, maintenance bay." John and Aeryn enter the bay; John softly sing-songing. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." Talikaa watches, monstervision in her bolthole. "Talika," he whispers, as Aeryn cases the ceiling. "It's all right," he whispers to her. "We know she's here." A loud, howling scream rings out in the silence, dropping both John and Aeryn and bathing them in a strange golden light. A giant spider drops from the ceiling and scuttles to them; it puts its nasty feelers on his lovely face. Commercial. What kind of person are you? Are you the kind of person who buys this? Or that? What do our purchases say about us? Nothing. Zhaan goes and gets another Psych degree; Chiana orders up a grip of Girls Gone Wild; somebody makes fun of Rachel Ray; everybody flips to PBS.

Aeryn and John wake up on the floor next to each other, stretching their faces and limbs experimentally. Aeryn grimaces and rolls onto her side: "What the frell happened? I heard a scream." They sit up. "Me too. Then the lights went out." Aeryn touches some bumps on John's temple, causing him to jump. "What is that?" She has some too. She touches them and groans. Infection, and now harvest: things very quickly heading down the shitter at this point.

D'Argo follows Chiana, bitching about how this is all her fault; Rygel Jazzies along before them. "In fact, I should have shot her myself!" Chiana tells him, in no uncertain terms, that D'Argo won't be hurting Talikaa; Rygel blathers at length about how everybody owes him and it's high time they paid up. I don't even know what he's talking about. John comms to D'Argo that Talikaa's more dangerous than they thought, and D'Argo is like, "Big surprise," earning a punch on the arm from Chiana. "She's got some kind of scream that knocked us flat," John explains. D'Argo, Chiana, and Rygel continue towards tier three; Talikaa watches them from above. There's a loud screech, and Chiana whirls to look. Over comms, John and Aeryn hear the scream, and a growl, and John calls out for D'Argo. They struggle to get it together and go find the others.

Sikozu meets D'Argo, Chiana, and Rygel's prone bodies on the floor at a junction; Talikaa's touching them with its feelers, harvesting. She notices Sikozu and immediately attacks. Sikozu flees back down the corridor, eventually reaching a dead end. Nice call, Leviathan expert. She jumps into the fan room, negotiating the whirling blades, and then cases the room, terrified. After some long silence with occasional scuttling, the spider drops on her; they scream together. Scorpius hears, in another corridor, and immediately heads toward her, growling.

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