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In her bedchamber, Sexan plays with candles. D'Argo enters and says, "It's time." "D'Argo," Sexan begins, "the gifts you gave me, youth [orgasms], happiness [orgasms], passion [orgasms], I know I can't keep them but I have treasured them." D'Argo has treasured her as well. I will treasure returning this episode to Netflix. Sexan's not afraid any more, she's just not sure she wants to travel her chosen path. She needs D'Argo's strength. I need it too. The ritual begins again. There's lots of ritual things happening. And then there's more. The Qualta blade raises in both their hands and finally, finally, FINALLY stabs Sexan. They yank the blade out, the blood is black. Sexan mutters something ritualistic and a drop of black blood falls and shatters into pretty sparkly things. With a ponderous boom, the Qualta blade falls. And then bounces, because the floor bounces. How odd. Outside, Crichton looks up from his closed-eye vigil. Even in the flickering lamplight, you can see he's been crying. In the chamber, D'Argo kisses a fully aged and fully dead Sexan. Necrophilia! D'Argo turns Sexan's face into his neck and pants sadly.

On Moya, Chiana seems to be drunk on the fact that she can now walk around again. Zhaan soothes Rygel's feet as Rygel blusters that he's going to do something to D'Argo's nether regions if he's lost any sensation below the belt. Given his state of mind, I don't think D'Argo would notice. Zhaan manages to tickle Rygel's feet, so I guess he's fairly intact.

In Pilot's Chamber, Aeryn gently asks Pilot if there's anything more she can do to speed up the healing process. "Nothing, I'm aware of. Moya and I... thank you for your concern," Pilot responds. The odd catch in Pilot's slight pause there is all the more meaningful in light of "The Way We Weren't." This growing intimacy that Aeryn and Pilot share is close to being completely torn apart and neither of them even realizes it yet. Aeryn learns from Pilot that while leviathans can live for over three hundred cycles and Pilot things live for over a thousand, the Pilot things will not be able to survive past their bonded leviathan. "I would not have it any other way," Pilot assures Aeryn. Aeryn takes Pilot's hand and squeezes it while looking into his dinner plate eyes.

Neuschwhinestein. Crichton finally walks into the bedchamber and sees an empty bed. Happy music trills. At least, I think the bed's empty. There's sort of a long tubular thing on top of the bedspread that is definitely not corpse-shaped, but maybe Oricans turn into throw pillows when they die. Crichton looks over at D'Argo, sitting in a chair. "Do you want me to get lost?" he asks. D'Argo asks why he'd want that. To give him time alone. D'Argo tells John that he wants time alone, but not yet.

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