We’re So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Aeryn gasps and jerks as Jenek touches her head with his hand, and his hand? Is also gorgeous. He tells her to calm the hell down and takes off; she turns wild eyes on Noranti. "Oh, we can't let them!" Noranti tells her it won't happen: "I won't let it happen." And besides, she says, they'll never find Chiana anyway. Cue Chiana screaming and squealing as the Charrids bring her in. She's struggling, but not for long. Jenek's like, "Prepare her for the procedure," and as she's dragged past, notices Aeryn tied down. "What the frell's going on?" Talnell offers to sedate Chiana; Chiana and Noranti both scream, "No!" Noranti throws herself onto Talnell's back and is plucked off by a Charrid; they inject Chiana. Noranti continues to scream, more upset maybe than we've ever seen her: "No, stop! Stop! This is wrong! This patient has been drugged, she is weak! She may die from this procedure." She's not just talking about Aeryn. Aeryn's still fighting; Chiana is beginning to shut down. Her eyes are going that black they only go when she's asked to bear more than she can. Jenek says he doesn't care if Aeryn dies, of course, and Chiana begins to whisper and plead. Invasion; violation. This is so cruel. They don't even know, they think they're being the usual kind of cruel. It's hard. Metal arms slowly come sliding out of the sides of Aeryn's gurney as she struggles and begs...and their spiked ends come ramming down into her, pinning her to the table. Jeez! Aeryn screams a way I've never heard; Chiana and Noranti see it. Chiana is still tied on her gurney, and the Charrid is holding Noranti back. Aeryn stops screaming and her eyes close. There are ways in which that was the most troubling image this show has ever offered. I'm not a fan of that scene.

Aeryn's still pinned, losing it; Noranti prepares to inject her with anesthetic, and Talnell tells her to give it to Chiana instead. Noranti says Aeryn needs it more, given the House On Haunted Hill shit going on currently, and the Charrid, at Talnell's signal, grabs her, pinning her arms back. She struggles mightily, informing them they won't be cutting on Aeryn today, and Talnell ignores her, scalpel in hand. Talnell heads over to Chiana, who has gotten some energy back; she tells him to get the frelling knife away from her and spits in his face. "Very strong," he says. "She'll make an excellent host." He sure did get eeeeevil all of a sudden. I guess the plague really wigged him. He shoots Chiana in the arm with the painkiller, and Jenek threatens Talnell that if anything happens to the fetus, Chiana and Aeryn both are dead meat. Karohm calls Jenek on the PA, interrupting, saying that Captain Wentrask is demanding "an urgent word," and Jenek's like, "For real? I'll be right the hell there." Yikes. He takes off, calling for his Charrid (Ralnahk, apparently); Chiana stares at Talnell, terrified and woozy.

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