We're So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction

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"Learning How We Do Things."

Jenek sits with Scorpius and they speak quietly. Scorpius says he requires cooperation from Jenek, who says he can't compel anything from him because Scorpius is not the boss of him. OR IS HE? Scorpius gets real: "Jenek. I know that your prisoner is the Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, and that you are taking her to Katratzi for Minister Ahkna. I also know that if my mission fails, your mission becomes irrelevant. As do you." Hoo-hoo. Jenek: "Continue." Heh. I love him.

Sikozu gets sneaky in the control room, looking at things and pressing buttons and creeping around, so you know its three...two...one...yep, there's Karohm, right on cue, with a gun on her. Sikozu's all, hey, I was just checking for some med reports and being totally helpful, dude, but he interrupts her: "Someone's been downloading the station codes and schematics." He knew it had to be her, but he's still "disappointed." He looks great in that color. He's too hot to die! They both are! I hate the subjugation of the Kalish! Talk your way out of this, Sputnik!

Noranti bitches at Talnell, who is now rubbing his hands together like a mantis fat on scenery, about how they will never pull this off, and Aeryn will die, and Chiana will die, and the baby will die, and everybody will die. And also this is a terrible, horrible thing they are doing. Talnell's like, "Mwah ha hahaha ha ha!" And then he twirls his mustache. On Moya, John picks up his rifle from the table, next to 1812; D'Argo's got his Qualta locked and loaded. John whines that Sikozu, in the midst of being discovered creepin' about, hasn't frelled the lights and alarms yet. Talnell tells Noranti that -- brevity being the soul of fetal transfer -- they'll have to cut them both open at once. Awesome. D'Argo heads out to check on Sikozu, who's got her hands up like a hostage negotiator, walking toward Karohm: "Listen to me, Karohm. Two, possibly three females are being held, against their will, on the Scarran freighter." And they're about to get cut open. Noranti holds her scalpel over Aeryn's womb, and rolls her eyes, and they gasp, horrified. "They pose the Scarrans no threat," Sikozu explains. "Their imprisonment is completely unjust." Karohm says he believes her, but laughs when she asks for his help. "Of course not! I'm going to lock you up." Aw, damn. You just can't judge a book's collaborationist tendencies from its cover, I guess is the point. D'Argo appears and tongue-lashes Karohm in the neck, dropping him. D'Argo, lamely: "How wrong was he?" (Rejected lines include, I believe: "Could he have been any more wrong?" and "...Not!") D'Argo politely asks Sikozu to get it together and "do what you said you were gonna do," and she nods, turning back to the control console.

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