We're So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

Rygel eats and Sikozu's got good posture as we go over everything for the race-riot portion of the plan. D'Argo's located all the surveillance devices on the base; Pilot's taken care of the whole comms-interception issue, even though last week that was a problem; John can run around the base being a visual deterrent what with his nuclear knob, which, come on, he's nicknamed Fat Man. I guess there's a downside to every relationship no matter how perfect the guy seems on paper. We've all got our little Fat Man trapdoors you don't find out until after you're in love. It's romantic, in a way. Aeryn tosses off a "you all know the plan, of course," which is a clumsy retro-engineered way to get the plan exposited...but not as clumsy as having Noranti go, "Ooh, I do? I mean, I don't." What's the point of all that? Chiana does jump over her head onto the table, which is a nice random little distraction, and she goes, "Wrinkles..." like "Come on," but it's still lazy writing. Rygel's got the Charrids, which is interesting, considering he has a whole hatred issue with them anyway, but maybe that's the point: it's either that he's got himself under control thanks to Katoya, or just that he knows Charrids best, or that hate makes you a better manipulator, or something else I am not thinking of. Sikozu's got the Kalish, Noranti's on Recon (fabulous), and Noranti supplies the last ingredient, pointing at John: "Peacekeepers!"

Aeryn and John just walk right the hell into Commandant Grayza's office on the Command Carrier. I love this season! "A peace conference with the Emperor? Very brave of you to enter Scarran space." Braca nods at them and follows them in, also "commending" them on their "bravery." Grayza just looks him in the eye: "John Crichton, do not destroy the Sebacean people." Which you have to admit, as an opening conversation gambit, is pretty solid. He tells her she's doing fine with that on her own, and she points out the basically true fact that everything she's done has been "calculated to gain peace." It's not so much that she believes the lie, it's that it's not so much a lie. Which is an ugly truth about politics that nobody likes to think about: everybody's got a plan and an agenda and a bunch of people backing them up. Crazies like Hitler are way rare, but if you think like a hammer, Grayza starts looking like a nail. Again: she's not there for revenge, which means her peace is sanctified and her intentions are good. Even when she fucks it up: "So you betrayed the Luxans? Maybe you should check your math." Yeah. Grayza's not really feeling that as a conversational topic, though: "Give us wormhole weapons and everyone will be safe."

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