We're So Screwed (2): Hot To Katratzi

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"When You Wake Up In The Morning, What Do You Hear?"

John turns to Aeryn: "Didn't she say she already had that?" And Aeryn nods, disingenuously. Grayza would roll her eyes, if she weren't being sincere: "We are very, very close. You know that we have sent Prowlers into wormholes. If I can buy peace, even for an arn or two, perhaps we can develop them." John makes a good point, which is that what comes after peace is invariably more expansion: "And what will you do? Kill billions of your rivals? Hey, maybe kill us." He turns over three silver cups and begins a game of Find The Lady. The only game he can ever win. "Then name your price, Crichton. Anything that you can imagine." He tells her that's the rub, and then explains crowd-sourcing: "See, I can't figure a way out of this situation. But the first side that does, wins." He slides the three cups toward Grayza. Her move. And I agree with him, but there's also something to the fact that Grayza and Ahkna are both...doing the best they can. Which is a lot closer to the real world than, say, Darth Vader and whatever his plan is that I still don't understand, or Scorpius's plan which is based on being a child of rape, or Crais's plan of going "ARRRGH!" all the time. Crazy dictators happen, sure. But most of us are just trying our best, and that's why I like this Cold War so much: this episode could have been called "Nixon In China." (Well, since it's Farscape it would be more like "Sorry Bush Barfed On You, China," but remember when we didn't demonize and dehumanize our political enemies for ratings and the FOX News bourgeois theatre? Remember what it felt like not being a hair-trigger puppet of hatred and capitalist hegemony? Do our memories even go back that far any more? Stewardship, not possession, is the meaning of power. All else is arrogance and bullying. It's a lot harder to stomach these kind of context issues when the episodes are so much more recent.)

Outside Lo'La, Jenek's explaining to a soldier that the Moyans have negotiated their way onto the base for real and that they have access and free movement. Not bad, Fat Man. Chiana appears and approaches Jenek, whom she last saw when he had her tied to a table, about to take away her most basic bodily freedoms. After she so recently got herself back in one piece. This scene is essential if you know where to look: seems random, really not. She's not smarting off, she's taking back what's hers. "Let me ask you somethin'. You short-faced Scarrans, you all look alike, you know? But, uh, were you...were you, uh, down, down on the border station?" He says he was. "Then you were the one that ordered Aeryn and me to be cut open." He nods, and she laughs. Not happily. "Yeah, I got another one for you: Do Scarrans have mivonks?" She kicks them in their designated place, bruising her foot on bone and armor, and goes down, clutching her knee. "Yes, but they're not external." The Scarran soldier turns away, laughing.

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