We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 2 USERS: A+
"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Scorpius stands with Sikozu as she works the elevator console; sparks are shooting out of it, so it's like that. John and Aeryn run up as the base PA broadcasts short ugly words. "Sikozu has managed to summon the Rabrokator," Scorpius says, and John asks what the hell that is. "Some kind of massage tool?" (...What?) Sikozu explains it's a drilling elevator, like a Wonkavator basically, but that they need the keychip to actually use it. The elevator doors open and the people inside are like, "Bwuh?" John hits the Kalish occupant, Aeryn hits the Charrid, and together they immediately drag them out of the elevator.

D'Argo runs up. I am a lot happier when everybody's together. "What's he doing here?" D'Argo asks, guarding the elevator while they work. "Scorpius? He's giving us the shaft, as usual," says John, and ushers everybody inside: "Everybody in. Mind the gap. Safer in than out." Kinda! Sikozu gets on with Scorpius, who suggests she crosswire the drilling controls, as Chiana's hurrying onboard, and Sikozu says it still won't work without the thing. The Kalish bioloid runs up, getting the business end of D'Argo's Qualta in his face, and he begs for mercy as everybody points their guns at him. Sikozu hurries over and tells everybody to chill out. They do, and he hands her the chip. She sighs and thanks him.

Rapid gunfire rings out, and the Kalish Underground guy drops dead; everybody shoots back and Sikozu screams. The doors close on several Scarrans shooting in; Aeryn tells Sikozu to get them moving. She chips the console and gets control; the elevator jerks and jumps and Sikozu cries out. Chiana tells her she drives like dren, and everybody holds on as John orders her to get the drills working. Scorpius says to head to the Crystherium cavern: "The shaft ends there. It means they will not be able to reach us in another car." And it also means that Sikozu will have more time to activate the drill. She nods, because of course Scorpius not only always gets what he wants, but he's always right. Rygel and Noranti, still out in the base, can't seem to raise Crichton on comms. "Frell him!" shouts Rygel, and gives in. "Let's find Stark." When even Rygel is like, "Clearly Stark," you know you're screwed. Noranti gets the cute kind of Alzheimer's on him: "Good idea. ...Why?" Because Stark knows the base, so maybe he knows a way out. Noranti nods and follows the Jazzy. So scary! A troika of the three least dependable, nuttiest people in the universe. They'll end up killing everybody! Even Chiana would be like, "That sounds like a really bad idea. Maybe I should help them out."

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