We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 2 USERS: A+
"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

A Scarran watches a Kalish working on the elevator with Ahkna close by. Sparks and everything. Ahkna growls that they're in the Rabrokator, which they're trying to override, and the approaching Staleek growls back.

Grayza looks out a Carrier porthole, at Katratzi. Braca comes in and tells her that there's been weapons fire in the base. "Communication intercepts indicate Scarran forces are in pursuit of Crichton, with orders to kill." She assumes they've deactivated the bomb, which Braca notes means that "he's lost." Who's he talking about? Depends on if you believe in true love. "As are we," says Grayza, and stalks toward command. "Go to battle stations." Oh, snap! Her ass is crazy! Braca's like, "Ma'am?" and she gets very cold and very still: "Are you questioning me?" Um, yes I am, Admiral Cain. Peace doesn't really favor the middle-finger kamikaze approach. Charging Katratzi now is just so...bratty!

The elevator stops with a crash and the doors start to open. Sikozu says she can't get the drill going, and John calls her Sputnik. "Stay on it." The three gunmen exit; Scorpius and Chiana follow. Sikozu calls out to Chiana, because the doors are suddenly closing thanks to the tinkering upstairs, and Chiana hops back into the doorway, holding them open. Scorpius roams out into the flowers. "Aeryn, stay with him. Be careful," John murmurs. Aeryn takes off after Scorpius. And Sikozu yells, hilariously, "They're trying to override the override!" John hates "dueling overrides," don't you? For some reason that makes me laugh. I think because it reminds me of my favorite funny line in the whole series, Stark's whole speech about "The explosion should make the budong vomit, and you can ride out on the wave of the vomit, in front of the vomit" in "Green Eyed Monster," which for some reason is the funniest thing to me (Me! Vomit’s greatest enemy! The Emetic Avenger!), and the reason that I decided I was in love with him against all mandate of reason. D'Argo tells Sikozu that Lo'La should now be functional, so if Sikozu can drill them to the surface they'll be free and clear. I'll tell you right now that's not happening.

Scorpius walks out into the field of flowers, staring at the Matriarch plant on its stage. "We must destroy them." Aeryn asks why as John joins them. "The mother plant is the key: it fertilizes the others. Kill it, and no new Crystherium can grow here." He hurries out into the flowers, and John and Aeryn follow behind. Scorpius picks a bloom and throws it on the floor, aiming a Charrid rifle at the Matriarch. A force field jumps up around it, but he just keeps shooting, again and again. "Shielded," Aeryn says.

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