We’re So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

And what's Scorpius doing? Screaming at the Matriarch, which is a symbol of Scarran intelligence. The heart of Scarran society, which abused and tortured him and his mother both, for which he debases himself as a double agent. He wants to destroy the Scarrans; by accident of birth he is half-Scarran. You feel for him, here in its heart, unable to simply crush it. Here at the bottom of the well.

Sikozu falls backwards out of the elevator, between D'Argo's legs, and he himself jumps back, letting the doors shut them all out. "We couldn't override their override of our override," he comms, and John snits, "They stole our getaway car." Aeryn doesn't stop staring at Scorpius as she mumbles, "That's our only way out." Sikozu and Chiana lean on the elevator doors, listening to the action in the shaft, and then abruptly break away and start running toward us. "And their way in," John says, and Aeryn turns to look at him.

Scarran soldiers load into the elevator, and Staleek tells Ahkna her father would be proud: "Security under him was riddled with top-down incompetence as well." He turns his back on her, all, "Good one, me," and Jenek comms immediately that Grayza's Command Carrier is getting battle-ready. Staleek growls and hates females some more.

D'Argo confirms for Chiana that there are no other exits: "Nothing but rock and hay-fever." There is a rumbling noise from the elevator shaft and Chiana tells them company's coming. "Frell," Sikozu says discreetly. D'Argo's like, "Time to go." But where do you go when you can't get out? You turn into something else.

Scorpius is still growling at the Matriarch; his slapping hands force red sparks and burn him but he keeps going. "Grasshopper?" John and Aeryn run to him, as D'Argo yells for them to hide; John and Aeryn drop down again into the field of flowers. D'Argo comes running down the stairs with Chiana and Sikozu following him.

There are four Scarran soldiers riding on the elevator -- John's bomb is on the floor near them.

Chiana and Sikozu scurry into the flowers and Aeryn tells them to drop. John looks at Chiana: "Hey, did you get my bomb?" Chiana cocks her head at him and Aeryn is startled. He slaps his forehead, hilariously. "I can't believe it! I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator." He nurses the headache he just gave himself; Chiana assures him he's done worse, in his time.

Aeryn worries that their weapons will be useless if they're Scarrans; John of course is like, "It's totally gonna be Scarrans." Scorpius joins John in the plants: "She cannot be taken alive, John." He drags Scorpius down into the plants and tells him to STFU about that. "Am I wrong," asks Chiana, "or are we frelled?" Sikozu shakes her head: "No." Got a new magic power, do ya? Of course she does. She finally spills about the whole bioloid thing: "There are others like me. We are part of a resistance movement dedicated to overthrowing Scarran domination." In the shaft, a Scarran smells and then notices the bomb. "We are genetically engineered to kill Scarrans by emitting an intense radiation that specifically destroys their heat-producing gland."

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