We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

"Were you planning to leave?" asks Staleek conversationally. John admits that he was heading out "temporarily," to discuss Grayza's competing offer. "But you had a riot going on, we didn't want to bother you. We decided to take our own car." Staleek tells them he's lucky they didn't leave: "Base defenses have been placed on highest alert. Any non-Scarran vessels will automatically be targeted and destroyed." So as usual, Scorpius is the good guy. John nods that they're lucky, and Staleek offers to convey him to the Carrier. John says that's very kind. "My pleasure, John," says Staleek. I think somehow this whole fuckup actually ended up making Staleek respect him more. That is so John Crichton, though: now that you've seen the chaos he barely even has to try and create around himself, aren't you going to treat him a little nicer? He's like a gun-toting Pippi Longstocking. In leather.

Captain Jenek comms the Emperor, regarding Lo'La, that she is an Eradicator, of Topratkin design. So I guess I'll write that down for later! He says the fugly DRDs are already pulling the star charts and vector logs, and "completely neutralized her systems." Somewhere, Chiana's already planning her comeback tour of D'Argo's face. Staleek tells them to completely wipe Lo'La when they're done, so nobody will know they've checked her out. Yucky, for some reason.

Scorpius stands in front of a table, leaning on his hands and trying to explain to the cast that he prevented their leaving for their own protection. D'Argo and Rygel get pissed to learn about this interesting thing he's done, but John's already up to speed: "You stuck a knife in our back!" Scorpius shakes his head: "Your plan would've failed." Because they would have been blown up, for starters? Chiana's like, "We could've been on Lo'La by now!" and Sikozu interrupts her, ordering her to hear him out, and Scorpius shouts at them that Lo'La's quite likely already disabled by the Scarrans. D'Argo says it's impossible, which it I guess isn't, and Scorpius continues: "...And found Moya. Even if we managed to get off Katratzi, the base's weapons would have destroyed us." Right, exactly. It didn't occur to me until just now, but I always kind of loved the awesome protection and D'Argo-Only Access of Lo'La. It is right that you should have one thing of your own, and all that, and the fact that she loved only him meant he could get closer to the Aeryn/Pilot side of the warrior line -- and the Farscape One side of his line with John. It balances things out and contributes to his bad-ass quotient.

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