We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 2 USERS: A+
"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

John: "Love you."
Aeryn: "...Love you too."

The car in the caverns opens, admitting Jenek and his guy; he informs the Emperor that the Crystheria are intact, and the Matriarch plant has not been harmed. "Our fears were completely groundless."

Sikozu begins to count down, from three: The elevator roof shatters, raining glass down on Jenek's head. Two: the bomb falls into the elevator car; Jenek catches it. John and Aeryn kiss, one last time. Jenek looks down at the bomb: "Hi There!" Everything is turned to light. The chamber is blue, the shaft is blue, a shock wave travels rapidly upward, rumbling. Things that glow. John and Aeryn kiss harder, press closer. Chiana holds onto D'Argo with all her strength; Sikozu and Scorpius hold each other tighter. The Charrids stare at each other as the War Room begins to rumble. Lo'La shakes. The concussion wave continues upwards. Up, and up. "What is that?" asks the General, and the Charrids stare around in confusion as the explosion bursts in light around the Rabrokator. The War Room is destroyed by unbearable blue light; John holds her tighter. You can hear the explosion from space. Lights shine from new places, all over the base.

The shaking stops; John pulls back from Aeryn's smile, and Rygel begins to bitch. Hard: "Crichton! What the hezmana just happened? Where are you, you fahrbots? Did you blow up the bomb? How could you blow up the bomb?" John sighs and smiles. "You missed the vote."

Noranti, Rygel, and Stark reconnect with Pilot, back finally on Moya. Pilot admits he thought he'd never see Stark again; Stark says he always knew they'd be together again. "It is a pleasure to have you aboard," Pilot says, and Noranti grins. Rygel asks if they are going to starburst again and Pilot says he and Moya think four starbursts since the escape is enough. "She's tired, and there's no evidence that anyone is pursuing us." It feels good to be back on Moya. Stark figures the Scarrans are still busy back on what's left of Katratzi, and Rygel nods. "They got off easy." Noranti grins, Stark smiles back at her, and she smirks at Rygel. "To celebrate the victory, I shall cook a voluptuous Caspitian haunch stew!" Rygel screams!

Chiana lies next to D'Argo, again, finally, under a fur blanket, arms and legs askew, giggling happily. She gently rubs her cheek with a piece of his hair, stretches; they sigh contentedly. She moves her leg under the covers, making D'Argo laugh, and then they just laugh and smile together for awhile. "More," she says, curling one leg around, and he agrees, happily: "More." And they do. And they are.

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