We're So Screwed (3): La Bomba

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"Love You." "...Love You, Too."

Scorpius explains how Stark once lived on Katratzi, assisting the leadership caste with their death rituals. (Flashback, unnecessarily, to Stark in the Gammak base, acting crazy and screaming "my side, your side" and getting off in the Aurora Chair. In case you were lucky enough to forget about freakin' Stark for a second.) "That's why you were torturing him when I met you?" Whoa! Retroactive continuity! Love it. "Crystherium growth requires very specific and rare conditions. The Scarrans can only propel their power forward from these very few locations." So, John figures, simply destroying a bunch of flowers is supposed to set them back? "For hundreds of cycles." But why?

Harvey has another cup of coffee: "'Cause they need 'em. Scarrans: simplistic, brutish creatures. Shoulda died out generations ago." And if they eat the flower? "Big brains. Evolutionarily competitive: Staleek, Ahkna." And if not? Harvey leans forward. "Your dog could beat them at checkers!" John knocks the coffee out of Harvey's hand again.

"Though Stark provided many details," Scorpius continues, "I was unable to learn of Katratzi's location. You rescued him prior to that breakthrough." John "apologizes," and as usual, Scorpius hates that kind of insincerity: "No, you're not." He nearly shrugs. "You were taking too long with the wormholes, John. Reality provides opportunity. I needed some way to hurt the Scarrans now."

John bitches at Harvey (and Scorpius also) about how this makes no sense. He's frustrated enough to slap himself on the forehead. "You...you take the knowledge from my head, and then you tell me that you give it to him. What, so I'm gonna rescue him?" Scorpius: "I have no wormhole knowledge, John."

But then Harvey, what? Harvey smiles after a coffin flashback from the first chapter of the trilogy: "So what? I lied."

Scorpius smiles, a little sadly: "Harvey? Oh, that is clever. We had a deal. I help you rescue Aeryn Sun from the Scarrans, you give me wormholes."

John spins the Zippo on his desk as Harvey admits the truth: "Boss says lay low, don't go near him anymore. Give him some peace."

Scorpius is like, "So I guess you betrayed me?" and Harvey spells it out: "You went and left him behind. To die."

It's weird having Harvey and Scorpius say the story at the same time: "You had no intention of returning for my rescue, did you?"

Harvey: "Fail-safe. You screw the boss, I find a way to get you re-interested."

John's upset, of course, but frames it as Scorpius trying to put his shit on John. "If my neural clone has returned, it is only because you have betrayed me."

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